Can You Get 9/9 On This 1960s Louisiana Literacy Test?

They had 10 minutes to answer 30 questions. Do you think you can answer nine in three minutes?

1. See how these people scored on the Louisiana "literacy" test from the 1960s, then take the test yourself:

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2. Below are questions adapted from the “literacy test” given to black voters by the state of Louisiana in the 1960s. They had 10 minutes to complete 30 questions. Can you get 9 questions correct in 3½ minutes?

    1. H
    2. K
    3. M
    4. C
    5. I
    6. B
    1. L
    2. R
    3. T
    4. H
    5. F
    1. 19, 27, 39
    2. 21, 22, 13
    3. 31, 28, 17
    4. 33, 31, 14
    1. Remove 1 zero
    2. Remove 2 zeroes
    3. Remove 3 zeroes
    4. Remove 4 zeroes
    5. Add 3 commas
    1. backwards
    2. Backwards
    1. the
    2. The
    1. e
    2. E
    1. right
    2. Right
    1. Write other in first But the word you
    2. write other in first But the word you

5. The Louisiana Literacy Test had no standard answer key. The individual white registrars determined what the “correct” answers were. If you didn’t get any of these questions right the very first time, you would not have passed.

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