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    18 Photos That Prove California Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

    Only the strongest will survive.

    1. First of all, you have to know how to get around in these streets.

    Twitter: @allisonklemes

    "Please let me in."

    2. And you also have to know how to stand your ground...

    3. ...because patience isn't only a virtue, but a necessity.

    4. You truly never know what wild beasts you will encounter.

    only in san francisco will i get on the train and see a massive fucking lizard

    5. You got to be ready to love yoga so much that you'll do it from the grave.

    Jorna1416 / Via

    6. The weather here is actually next-level...

    rajasconcrema / Via

    7., TRULY another level.

    8. You never really know what you'll get in Northern California.

    9. We have an entirely different species of birds that live in trees.

    princessamsungg / Via

    10. The culture here is absolutely weird and wild.

    Only in San Francisco will you ever see a bus driver bustin out the trumpet at a redlight.🎺🚌 Multitasking at its fi…

    11. And you'll never fail to see a surprise around every corner.

    Only in San Francisco you will see a group of old naked men while riding on bicycles 😭😂

    12. Anything and anywhere can be a toilet...

    katyaadams / Via

    13. ...but remember, everything is not what it seems.

    14. It's a state where dinosaurs still roam the earth.

    15. You have to be able to understand our language...

    16. ...because we even have a whole different language for expressing love.

    17. And we're not afraid to live life on the edge.

    Only in San Diego will you see someone reversing on the freeway becuase they missed their exit....

    18. But if you can survive it all, at the end of the day, this place will feel like a reward of its own.

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