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    19 Cake Decorators Who Are Honestly Just Over It

    They tried.

    1. The decorator who spaced on writing the word "work."

    jhousden9 / Via

    2. And the one who forgot to add the "s."

    chubberina / Via

    3. This decorator who was honestly just over everything.

    legalpantry / Via

    4. And the one who misheard "Marc with a C."

    MrsCatDish / Via

    5. This decorator who took directions a bit too literally.

    jpmorg2 / Via

    6. And this one who might secretly be a robot.

    7. This decorator who didn't think to use gray icing.

    whyforyoulookmeonso / Via

    8. And this one who just wrote what they were told.

    9. The decorator who was supposed to write, "Happy birthday Sally slash mom."

    10. And this one who took the artistic liberty of drawing a "graduation cat."

    bluesberry / Via

    11. The decorator who didn't think twice about the customer's directions.

    12. And this one who included ALL the directions.

    nicolleyravioli / Via

    13. The decorator who was very excited about Sheri's eye.

    jfrhode / Via

    14. And the one who didn't think to doodle a large number 5.

    lostandbounds / Via

    15. The decorator who was supposed to write "congrats" in a "real girl color."

    drkristielake / Via

    16. And the one who didn't think twice about this.

    snarkysouthernbroad / Via

    17. The decorator who didn't use spellcheck.

    janedivided / Via

    18. The one who couldn't be bothered to think of something clever.

    truthcakes / Via

    19. And finally, the decorator who made this awkward turtle. 😬

    photogrl79 / Via