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    24 Bookstagrammers You Need To Be Following If Reading Is Your Jam

    These instagrammers have A+ book recommendations!

    1. Azanta from @azantareads

    @azantareads / Via,

    About Me: My name is Azanta and I'm 22 years old. I work for a small public health nonprofit in Boston but currently working from home in Florida. After work, I am often reading or working on creating content for my Instagram and TikTok. Reading is incredibly special to me. I've been a bookworm since I was three. After a break for college, I joined bookstagram to share my love of reading with more people and now have a lot more friends and a mountain of a TBR.

    What Followers Can Expect: People who follow me can expect lots of pretty pictures about the books I'm reading and loving — mostly YA and adult fantasy and rom-coms — and honest and frank conversations about current events from time to time. Sometimes, you might find a controversial question in my stories (helpful hint to anyone on bookstagram, people are very passionate about cereal before milk) and some reels to keep you laughing. The books I read naturally tend towards BIPOC authors and Muslim authors because I'm constantly seeking representation!

    A Recent Book I Loved: One of my most recent 5-star reviews was Hana Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin. I loved this book, a story about family and love and loss; resilience in the face of the obstacle that is life, down its very core, and I'm thrilled that it exists. It's a narrative about personal lives and a story that does not just center personal pain and suffering, but rather, a fun, witty, sparkling story of a girl who has a lot of burden to shoulder while balancing drama, racism, Islamophobia, her dreams, and the restaurant owner across the street that's starting to get under her skin. Everyone should pick this one up.

    2. Victor from @bookpop_

    @bookpop_ / Via Instagram: @bookpop_,

    About Me: I am a 27-year-old working professional who absolutely loves dogs, fashion, New York City, and Jackie Kennedy. I am the definition of an Aries: brave, independent, and very honest. You can most likely find me watching the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo and always recommending Donna Tartt to readers, my favorite author!

    What Followers Can Expect: Expect bright, colorful book content highlighting favorites reads, exciting book mail, and honest book reviews. My account matches my personality: Vibrant, friendly, and promoting positivity!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I absolutely adored Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi! Why did I wait so long to read this book?! Also, other recent reads I cannot stop recommending is anything by J. Courtney Sullivan, The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa and a modern literary classic, The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe.

    3. Kiki from @ifthisisparadise

    @ifthisisparadise / Via Instagram: @ifthisisparadise,

    About Me: I'm Kiki, a passionate, shady reader from Jamaica. I started my account to ease myself back into a more rewarding relationship with reading again and ended up becoming a freelance reviewer, editor, sensitivity reader, a fierce advocate for reimagining how we engage with publishing, literature and our community outside of the white supremacist, capitalist paradigm, and a rep for the best book box ever, Decentred Lit! Yeah, I dunno, shit happens, I guess.

    What Followers Can Expect: As Rebecca (@longdistancereads) opined, Instagram can feel like one big AD so I try to counter that by creating an intimate, emotional space where the response to a work often can't be broken down into simple good and bad judgements. My current reading phase is focused on Caribbean literary, speculative fiction and poetry, and any nonfiction about queerness, feminism, and Caribbean history but I do wander off path. (Neon Yang, a Singaporean queer, nonbinary SFF writer is one of my current literary idols.) There may be occasional commentary on nonsense happening in publishing and bookstagram. My stories are chaos but right now I overshare all the bad films I'm watching.

    A Recent Book I Loved: The Immortals by Makenzy Orcel, translated from the French by Nathan H. Dize hasn't left my mind since I read it. First published eight months after the January 2010 earthquake, this short, poetic, fragmentary novel is primarily narrated by a sex worker who shares with a writer what life was like for her and those she knew best in Grand Rue before, during, and after the earthquake hit.

    4. Alycha from @maslibrosplease

    @maslibrosplease / Via Instagram: @maslibrosplease,

    About Me: Hi, my name is Alycha! I’m a Latina social worker living in Pennsylvania. I clinically supervise housing programs that serve vulnerable and unstably housed youth. I also educate on human trafficking, mental health, and trauma. When I’m not working I read books and share my love for them through bookstagram.

    What Followers Can Expect: When you come to my page, you can find book reviews — mostly fantasy books, including my book club’s fantasy pick each month. I also love to read young adult, romance, and contemporary fiction, but you can be sure to find a lot of posts related to my job as a social worker, especially as it relates to advocacy, mental health, trauma, and vulnerable populations. You will definitely see my love for coffee, Bad Bunny, Puerto Rico, my husband, and cat mixed in throughout my page as well.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A book I’ve recently read and can't stop thinking about is an advanced copy of Nicola Yoon’s newest book Instructions for Dancing. This isn’t out until June, but I already know this is going to be in my list of top reads for 2021. It is a YA romance that touches on grief, trauma, finding love, and losing it. It is magical and beautiful and Yoon has a way of always breaking my heart in the most beautiful way. I will be raving about this one for a while.

    5. Anna from @annas_sweets_and_stories

    @annas_sweets_and_stories / Via Instagram: @annas_sweets_and_stories,

    About Me: My name is Anna and I am a queer baker. I identify as demiromantic asexual and strive to read as many queer books as possible.

    What Followers Can Expect: Authenticity and openness. I alternate between opinionated decorated cookies and queer books, and I really put my all into my captions. My account is the one place I am truly authentically me and it's sometimes messy, but it's also healing.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I rate with my heart, which means I love a heck of a lot of books. A few of my recent favorites are Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales, Cinderellis by Evie Drae, Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor, and Fat Chance Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldanado.

    6. Kat from @kat.readsfantasy

    @kat.readsfantasy / Via,

    About Me: My name is Kat, I am Belizean American, and I was born and raised in New York. I currently reside in New Jersey where I am still being squished by all my books and my two adorable cats. (You might get a peek of them in my feed!) I always loved reading when I was younger but it really became a hobby in high school when I met my best friend who would later introduce me to bookstagram. Since then, I’ve come to love my little corner or the internet and meeting all the amazing new people who also share my love of reading.

    What Followers Can Expect: Bookish aesthetics! Through bookstagram I found a love for photography, cottagecore photos of books, and anything else I can get my hands on. On my page you will find honest reviews, lots of recommendations, diverse reads, and as my name suggests you will find plenty of fantasy books. Don’t let that scare you off though. You’ll also find science fiction, contemporary, and tons of YA. Oh, and you will find flowers... lots and lots of flowers.

    A Recent Book I Loved: The last book I fell in love with was Legendborn by Tracey Deonn! It’s a beautiful story and I love her writing style. The plot is so epic that you are bound to be on the edge of your seat from start to finish. My favorite main characters are always the hardcore, take-no-crap ones, and that’s definitely who Bree is!

    7. Cookie from @cookie.the.bookee

    @cookie.the.bookee / Via Instagram: @cookie.the.bookee,

    About Me: My name is Cookie and I am a Vietnamese American living in Los Angeles with my husband and two dogs, Pepper and Oreo. I am a high school educator working at my alma mater. I also teach at a local university part time, and I live and breathe books. I don't do much else in my free time — I read/listened to 488 books in 2020!

    What Followers Can Expect: The first thing that you will notice about my account is that it features photos of books with the two superstars of my account: Pepper and Oreo. I am obsessed with my dogs and I thought it would be fun to combine photos of my favorite books with my pups. My favorite genre is romance and although I prefer steamy romance books, I enjoy many that have little to no steam. My other favorite genres are historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and literary fiction. Bookstagram has opened my eyes to fantasy, young adult fiction, and nonfiction books, and I'm starting to feature more books from these genres. I love that bookstagram has introduced me to more books with diverse representation and books by BIPOC authors, and I celebrate these books on my page as well. I post reviews of my favorite books (ones that I rated at least four stars on a five-star scale) nearly every day in addition to features of my favorite authors once a month. My spoiler-free reviews include a star rating, a synopsis of the book, my thoughts on the book, and my steam rating where applicable.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I read The Idea of You by Robinne Lee over two months ago and I still feel like I have a book hangover. It's an age-gap romance about a woman who has a fling with a famous boy-band member who is nearly 20 years younger than her. The book has romance, steam, and heartbreaking drama. This book completely wrecked me and for some strange reason, I want to go back and re-read it over and over.

    8. Autumn from @theliteraryheroine

    @theliteraryheroine / Via Instagram: @theliteraryheroine,

    About Me: I’m Autumn, a queer disabled book nerd who loves oversharing on the internet, advocating for disabled and chronically ill folks, and gushing about my favorite books! I have a rescue dog named Sherlock Bones, and there’s nothing I love more than a weekend spent curled up on the couch with a mug of coffee and too many books.

    What Followers Can Expect: On my page, I share books of all genres, spend a lot of time waving my hands around frantically and typing in all caps, and share my experiences as a disabled woman! I read everything from queer lit and rom-coms to fantasy and nonfiction. If it’s a book, there’s a good chance I’ll find something to love! I have lived with debilitating chronic pain and illness for the majority of my life, and I love taking the opportunity to share pieces of myself alongside what I’m reading at the moment. I’m passionate about accessibility, accommodations, and the dismantling of widespread ableism in our society, so I do my best to educate and advocate. My current project? Pairing books with disability representation with outfits featuring my rad new sunshine yellow cane!
    A Recent Book I Loved: Oh gosh, so many! I read as often as I can, and I love almost everything I read. My most recent favorite is Disability Visibility, an anthology written by disabled and chronically ill folks and edited by Alice Wong. It is a collection of incredibly diverse and intersectional essays, and it changed my life forever. If I could recommend that everyone read one book, this would be it.

    9. Maya from @mnmbooks

    @mnmbooks / Via,

    About Me: Hi, I’m Maya! My pronouns are she/her and I am a first-year college student majoring in International Affairs. I’m currently living on Muskogee and Cherokee land, also known as Atlanta, Georgia. Other than reading, I like cooking, hiking, and swimming.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect to see colorful feed posts, entertaining reels, and engaging stories. I mostly review young adult books, but lately I’ve been reading more nonfiction, middle grade, and children’s books. My love for reading started with going to the school library, and even now, most of the books featured on my account are from the local library. I love finding ways to get more books with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation into our schools. I also do a livestream series called #SagaAndMayaTakeOn with my bookish bestie, Sagarika (@sagarific) where we share our thoughts and opinions on various book-related topics!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I read Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz this month and it might be my favorite book I have read this year. Sick Kids in Love is a young adult contemporary novel about two chronically ill Jewish teens falling in love that feels like a nice warm hug or cup of tea. If you’re a romance or contemporary fan, this book is a must-read!

    10. Deb from @thelittlethingsandmore

    @thelittlethingsandmore / Via,

    About Me: My name is Deb and I’m from Ontario, Canada! Unlike most bookstagrammers, I wasn’t a huge bookworm as a kid (even as an only child). With extracurriculars and piano lessons, I never had the time to discover what kinds of books I enjoyed besides the school-assigned stories. After university, I spent a lot of time commuting to work and I was able to discover my love of reading. I started my account to find more book recommendations and connect with fellow readers.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect a lot of cozy photos along with my book reviews — especially because I’ve been working from home. I like to read across multiple genres and authors. As I share reviews of my favorite genres of memoirs and romance, followers can also join me on my journey through fantasy, and hopefully soon, science fiction. I also love to chat with my new bookstagram friends about anything! Even non-book related topics like tea or Star Wars.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A book I recently enjoyed that isn’t all over bookstagram is Olive by Emma Gannon. This book was a wonderful depiction of what it’s like to feel behind your friends in life. I thought this was a great portrayal of what it’s like to feel pressure to adhere to life “milestones” while also simultaneously exploring the intricacies of friendships, and the taboo that comes with choosing to remain child-free.

    11. Katy from @theshriekingstack

    @theshriekingstack / Via,

    About Me: My name is Katy, and I’m a half-Korean, half-white reader originally from Tennessee and now based in Brooklyn. I had zero exposure to Asian American stories growing up and didn’t read my first book by an Asian American author (Celeste Ng!) until after college. Since then I’ve been trying to stuff my brain with all of the wonderful Asian diaspora stories that are out there.

    What Followers Can Expect: I post mainly reviews of books by writers of color and queer authors, alongside photos where I try really hard not to recycle the same blanket as a background 10 times in a row. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but I also review literary fiction, graphic novels, memoirs, and anything that catches my eye.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I’m not a big YA reader, but I have to shriek about Malinda Lo’s luminous Last Night at the Telegraph Club. Lily is a queer Chinese American teenager living in 1950s San Francisco when police are raiding LGBTQ+ meeting places and deporting Asians over anti-communist sentiments. She has everything to lose and nothing about her struggles is glamorized, but she makes the heart wrenchingly brave choice to live a life that is true to herself. I teared up while reading this because all I could think of was how much it would have meant to me as a nerdy queer little Asian teenager who was scared of everything. Last Night at the Telegraph Club would have changed my life, and I’m grateful to Malinda Lo for putting it out into the world.

    12. Jess from @literaryintersections

    Via, Instagram: @literaryintersections

    About Me: My name is Jess and I am from New York but currently live in Rhode Island. I'm a proud Virgo, a parent of 1.5 children (baby number two due in May!), a huge musical theatre nerd, a dance and yoga teacher on the side, and I just started my own consulting firm, Intersectional Impact Consulting.

    What Followers Can Expect: As a leader of diversity, equity, inclusion and racial equity, my page reflects my passion to create, share, and amplify works primarily featuring authors and characters from non-dominant identities. Followers can expect diverse book recommendations, antiracism texts, funny reels highlighting my love of romance, how intersectionality shows up in the books that we read, and ways to be antiracist in our daily lives.

    A Recent Book I Loved: The Final Revival of Opal and Nev by Dawnie Walton. This book blew my mind. Dawnie Walton created an engrossing story that had me continually googling to see what was real and what was fiction. The Final Revival of Opal and Nev asks readers, "what will you risk to speak up about injustice?" It exhausted me. It made me so mad. And most importantly, it is a beautiful story of resilience, of fighting back, and of making unique music that speaks to anyone who is different.

    13. Amirah from @turnpageswithmimi

    @turnpageswithmimi / Via,

    About Me: Hey hey! My name is Amirah, but I go by Mimi on bookstagram. I'm a card carrying member of Team "I Read What I Want," and you can usually find me somewhere with a book and a snack in my purse. Besides getting lost in cool books, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect short book reviews and highlights about books written by and about Black folks and other people of color. I’m a mood reader, so the books I read tend to range in genre — and I love taking book photos while I'm exploring the streets of NYC.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book that I enjoyed was Slay by Brittney Morris. It’s a YA book about a young, Black game developer named Kiera who creates a virtual reality game called Slay as a space for Black players to enjoy, and feel safe and represented. When a player is murdered because of something in the Slay world, Kiera has to fight against all of the factors calling Slay a “racist, exclusionist, violent hub for thugs and criminals.” This interesting read expertly touches on a bunch of important topics, from racism, respectability politics, the need for safe spaces, and more.

    14. Rameela from @stars.brite

    @stars.brite / Via,

    About Me: My name’s Rameela and I’m a 24-year-old Muslim. I started my bookstagram because I wanted to be able to share my love of diverse books and make new friends that also shared the same interests. I also love Disney (especially Tangled), Marvel, and Taylor Swift. I also have a talent for turning any conversation back to something about books, which would normally be considered annoying but helps me fit right in with bookstagram!

    What Followers Can Expect: I love to talk about diverse books, especially by Muslim authors (you can mostly find me screaming about the loves of my life We Hunt the Flame and We Free the Stars!) I read mostly fantasy and contemporary of any age group! I especially love doing bookish outfits and I’m always doing my best to use my platform to educate while also having fun and creating a positive and welcoming space for everyone.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read and loved Theft of Sunlight by Intisar Khanani. It’s a beautiful fantasy featuring a brown main character with a disability that isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in! I have reviews on my Instagram and my blog.

    15. Alejandra from / Via, Via

    About Me: I'm Alejandra, also known as on bookstagram, a book lover with a passion for contemporary fiction and nonfiction written by and for BIPOC and Latinx authors. When I'm not reading, I can be found working toward economic and racial equity within local governments or sipping coffee or wine while binging TV. I'm originally from Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico, but now live in Washington DC where I enjoy finding local bookstores and coffee shops to spend the day in.

    What Followers Can Expect: I originally created my bookstagram account to share BIPOC recs with my friends and never really thought it would really grow beyond that. Now, I do what I can to advocate for BIPOC voices in the book world, to uplift diverse books, especially by Latinas, and for a fun outlet and self-care activity outside of work. Followers can expect BIPOC-authored books across many genres, particularly contemporary fiction and social justice nonfiction reads, but they can also expect some honest reflections beyond reading about the current events and the socio-political world around us. To lighten my feed, I've also been into posting some nerdy funny bookstagram reels for a few laughs!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A book I think about a lot is Heavy, a memoir by Kiese Laymon. First off, Laymon is a genius with words. He tweeted some time ago that "Black people deserve beautiful sentences" and he's providing them! Heavy recounts growing up the only child of a single mother, as a Black boy who struggles with weight, and details American racial violence and both family violence and family love. I wrote a reflection on it a while back but honestly, nothing I say can do it justice. It's one that I really just cannot recommend enough for folks to read and experience for themselves!

    16. Kelly from @readingwithbeans

    @readingwithbeans / Via,

    About Me: My name is Kelly and I’m a New Englander currently living in Atlanta, GA. I recently brought home my new toy poodle, Beans, and he has swiftly taken over all aspects of my life — including this account. On any given day, you can find me trying to read a book and him trying to eat it. In short, training is going well.

    What Followers Can Expect: Misbehaved puppy content paired with sassy and concise book reviews. You’ll see a mix of the latest and greatest alongside some older titles that have been sitting on my shelf for a length of time. As an added bonus, I’m a bit of a book thrifting connoisseur – expect discount hauls and tips accompanied by a dog who’s just in it for the treats.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Easy! The Push by Ashley Audrain (and not only because Beans is living his best life in the photo). Equal parts psychological thriller and family drama, you will lose all sense of time and place while reading this. Think of it as a TikTok black hole, but in book form. Don’t get me started on the ending – just be ready to cue the slow clap.

    17. Courtney from @reading_between_the_trees

    @reading_between_the_trees / Via, Instagram: @reading_between_the_trees

    About Me: I am an almost-college-graduate studying ecology. I live in Colorado with my partner and we are both huge book nerds and bird nerds. My hobbies other than reading include birding, hiking, painting, yoga, writing, and FaceTiming my sister's corgi, Abby.

    What Followers Can Expect: My favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy, and romance, so my page is full of mostly queer recommendations from those genres. My reading and engagement on bookstagram are also centered around LGBTQIA+ rights, anti-racism, disability activism, and animal advocacy, so I post any good resources I find and I share my opinion where it is relevant. I also share about my experience working at a raptor rehabilitation center, post a lot of Colorado mountain pictures, and this summer I will be doing owl research, so you can expect some adorable owlet pictures!

    A Recent Book I Loved: Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust is one of my favorite 2021 reads so far! It is a very accessible fantasy world, but also a completely fresh story that captivated me. And an additional bonus was some casual bi representation.

    18. Simone from @simonereadsbooks

    @simonereadsbooks / Via,

    About Me: My name is Simone, and I am a California native living in Portland, OR where I am finishing up my master's in Speech Language Pathology. I joined Bookstagram about two and half years ago to connect with fellow readers after teaching some summer reading classes where I had such a fun time discussing books everyday that I didn't want to give up those discussions in my daily life. When I'm not reading or studying, you can find me working on embroidery or crochet projects, dancing in my living room with my cat, Hercules, or exploring all Portland has to offer.
    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect reviews and features of books by BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled authors in all genres, but with an emphasis on fantasy, literary fiction, and nonfiction. As a Black, biracial woman I am drawn to stories that help me explore my identities and privileges in addition to gaining a better understanding of how I fit in the world. I am especially interested in stories that explore the intersections of identity and I seek out #OwnVoices stories that do this. I also try to share parts of my non-reading life by featuring Hercules and my current craft projects as much as possible!

    A Recent Book I Loved: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn! This story left me with the biggest book hangover and every book I tried to pick up afterwards paled in comparison. This is an Arthurian retelling about a Black, teenage girl named Bree who discovers a secret society of "Legendborn" students — descendants of the Knights of the Round Table — while attending an early college program at UNC Chapel Hill. Fresh in the grief of her mother's sudden death, Bree finds herself in the middle of this society investigating if there was a magical cause to her mother's passing. Deonn did such an incredible job exploring the themes of grief, institutional racism, and existing as a Black person in all white spaces. This was such a powerful read that had relatable, diverse, and fully formed characters existing in this dark and magical world. My heart grows three sizes every time someone picks this story up and I would be thrilled if you did too!

    19. Seema from @diversifyyourshelf


    About Me: Hi, I'm Seema! I'm Indian American and chronically ill. I live in Nashville with my spouse, our pets, and too many houseplants. Besides books, I love puns and herbal tea and gazebos and baking and board games and sundresses and jigsaw puzzles (and lists).

    What Followers Can Expect: On my page, you'll find honest reviews, chronic illness advocacy, occasional tap dancing, and my very goofy dog, Ravioli! I mostly read and review contemporary books (fiction and nonfiction), with an emphasis on literary fiction written by women, BIPOC, disabled authors, and the LGBTQIA+ community. My goal is to encourage readers to expand their tastes beyond books written by straight white dudes.

    A Recent Book I Loved: The Mothers by Brit Bennett! Gosh, I loved this book. The main characters are complex and flawed (my sweet spot), and the novel itself has depth, with themes of secrecy, loss, betrayal, love, innocence, grief, parenthood, and faith. These are characters that you’ll love, but they’ll make you so angry with their poor decisions that you won’t know what to do with yourself. And maybe that feeling is a part of motherhood too.

    20. Jayanna from @_litmedown

    @_litmedown / Via,

    About Me: My name is Jayanna. I am a mental health professional, pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a Black queer woman residing in San Antonio with hopes of traveling the world. While I am an avid reader, I also identify as a fierce activist for social justice. Reading is political and my platform reflects that belief.
    What Followers Can Expect: When I began my account, my sole interest was in engaging with others who share a love of reading, finding commonalities amongst our differences. On my platform, readers can expect a genuine community built on the basis of equity, acceptance, and love. There will be reviews of books but I do not consider myself a book reviewer. I much prefer to discuss the ways in which books help us navigate through the world with a deeper level of empathy for ourselves and others. Mine is a platform based on self-love, mental health awareness, and the understanding that, as readers, we have a responsibility to uphold fairness and truth in all that we do. We advocate for each other.
    A Recent Book I Loved: The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. is the only book that has remained close to my heart since the beginning of the year. Jones' novel continues to provide me with opportunities to reflect on what it means to be Black in America, how our experiences have shaped our current reality, and the ways in which we can heal with the help of community. Jones encourages us queer Black folx to continue to love ourselves and each other. The novel has often renewed my faith in particularly dark moments. The Prophets has been a true gift in my life, and is absolutely one of my favorite books that I've ever read.

    21. Chanecka from @headwrpreader

    @headwrpreader / Via Instagram: @headwrpreader,

    About Me: I live for new books, headwraps, mugs, my deaf dog, traveling (insert sad face), and my nieces' TikTok videos. I moved from Taiwan to Texas a few years ago but I'm originally from Kansas.
    What Followers Can Expect: Primarily, photos dipped in the sun and me in my stories wearing one of my dozens of headwraps. I am not a big reviewer. However, I recommend tons of books. I read a little bit of everything in regards to genre. I read mostly people of color, especially Black women. This year, I'm trying to get into translated works. Lastly, you can expect to be in my stories on Tuesday afternoon where I share a few dozen books that are being released that day. Be warned, this will increase your TBR.
    A Recent Book I Loved: This is a very difficult question! I just finished The Perseverance by Raymond Antrobus, a book of poetry. The poems explore Raymond's grief since losing his father, his British Jamaican identity and the deaf community. Each poem has so much power and evoked so much of my emotions.

    22. Amanda from @talk_about_swoon

    @talk_about_swoon / Via Instagram: @talk_about_swoon,

    About Me: Hi, Amanda here (she/her) and I’m from the midwest. I’ve been married for almost 20 years to a cinnamon roll of a man and we have two kids together, as well as two chonky cats. I’m biracial, neurodiverse, and a “curvy lady” as labeled by my husband lol. I have backgrounds in graphic design, photography, and procrastination.

    What Followers Can Expect: You’ll get romance, romance, and more romance from my account. I exclusively read and gush about this genre through a feminist lens. A list maker and information hoarder by nature, this account is the perfect creative outlet for my ADHD brain. I post a lot of book recommendations by very specific tropes, as well as like '80s movies paired with romance novels. I’ll always provide a diverse selection; amplifying BIPOC, queer romance, neurodiverse characters, and body diversity.

    A Recent Book I Loved: The most recent book that made my heart explode, then glued it back together again and left me with a two-week hangover was Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. This book ran me through it. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I sweated. Eve and Jacob now live in my heart parts. This was by far my most anticipated new release of 2021 and it lived up to all my hopes and dreams but also left me so sad that the series is now over. I adored all the Brown sisters. I’ve had to start a reread of Chloe and Red just to cope.

    23. Basma from @bookishbasma

    @bookishbasma / Via,

    About Me: Hi, I'm Basma! I'm a 21-year-old student from Florida, and I'm majoring in mechanical engineering at UCF. I fell in love with reading in the fourth grade and finally decided to launch my bookstagram in 2020! In addition to reading, I love to binge Marvel movies, drink way too much coffee, and play with my cat Apollo (who makes multiple appearances on my account!)

    What Followers Can Expect: I created my account because I wanted a space to gush about my favorites books, and that's exactly what you're getting when you visit! I review mostly young adult and middle grade reads with an emphasis on the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Within those genres, I make an effort to prioritize underrepresented authors, specifically Muslim authors. Muslim stories don't get nearly as much attention as they should, and I'm working to change that! My reviews are very enthusiastic and I'm passionate when it comes to my favorite books! Additionally, I make quite a bit of reels, so followers can expect reels ranging from matching book outfits to specific trope recommendations, as well as some funny reels!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read Hana Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin and I absolutely adored it! This book was a whirlwind of drama, love, gut-wrenching pain, and forgiveness. I laughed, I cried, and I want to pick it up and reread it immediately. Especially with the Islamophobia in the world lately and the hijab ban in France, this book is more important than ever.

    24. Michelle from @nurse_bookie

    @nurse_bookie / Via, Via

    About Me: I love recommending and chatting books that I have enjoyed reading about to my family, friends, co-workers or if you just happen to be in line at the grocery store and you see me, there is a good chance I would probably start talking books to you. Then about two years ago, I discovered this little corner of the world called bookstagram, and found like-minded people who are just as passionate if not more about books and authors. Just as my Instagram handle says, I am a nurse with a doctoral degree, a professor, and work at a neuroscience institute where I deal with the brain all day, every day. Reading is a solace for me and bookstagram is my happy place.

    What Followers Can Expect: I am an indiscriminate reader where you will find in my account a plethora of genres. You will find a lot of book reviews as well as a lot of opportunities for me to share books through giveaways that I am always hosting. There is no better place for a book than in someone’s hands who can enjoy, learn, and experience these stories.

    A Recent Book I Loved: As an Asian American, I love amplifying Asian authors and voices. Recent books I have enjoyed: Susan Park’s Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous is a YA book about a Korean American social media influencer who is shipped off to a digital detox summer camp. It’s hilarious and wildly entertaining! The other one I am loving now is Filipina American author and a fellow nurse, Tif Marcelo’s, who writes the best family and women’s fiction books whose newest release, In a Book Club Far Away about the lives of three Army wives in this deeply moving story.

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