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    27 Book Subscription Boxes That You’ll Absolutely Want To Sign Up For

    Fixing your reading slump one box at a time.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed
    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. Book Bath Box

    townshendstea / Via

    Price: Starting at $44.95

    About this box:
    Book Bath Box is exactly as cozy as it sounds! The service pairs a good book with some relaxing bath essentials, such as bath bombs, bubble bars, candles, and tea. Perfect for those who are looking to unwind after a stressful day with some luxury bath goodies and a good book.

    2. Cozy Reader Club


    Price: Starting at $64.95

    About this box: Cozy Reader Club offers the ULTIMATE COZE PACKAGE. Not only do you receive a recently released hardcover novel, but you'll also get four to six full-size items that are made locally in the US. This can include anything from coffee, tea, hot cocoa, handmade socks, and indulgent treats. It's very much a "treat yoself" subscription service and the BEST form of self-care.

    3. Bubbles & Books

    Price: Starting at $24.00

    About this box: Romance lovers, listen up! Bubbles & Books offers you a really delightful subscription service, pairing a romance-novel selection of the month with other super-relaxing items like artisanal soaps, candles, bath salts, tea, and more. You also get to choose what TYPE of romance you want to read! There are three options: a "historical romance" box, a "bad-boy romance" box, or a "paranormal romance" box. This service makes de-stressing with a bath and a book sounds like a real treat!

    4. Muse Monthly

    alittlebookworld / Via

    Price: Starting at $29.50

    About this box: Muse Monthly pairs a contemporary adult-fiction novel with a delicious, full-size tea blend for your comfortable reading pleasure. The service also provides readers with a wide variety of books with focus on debut authors and marginalized voices. This box will have you itching to run home, put on comfy clothes, and dive into a good book while drinking some yummy tea.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    5. PageHabit

    Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

    Price: Starting at $29.99

    About this box: PageHabit is a real delight because not only can you pick what genre you want, but you also receive a book annotated by the author and fun, quirky — but useful — book items. Choose a monthly (one book) or quarterly (three books) option. You can feel good about this purchase because a portion of your subscription is donated to groups that support children's literacy. Oh — and don't forget to use the hashtag #MyPageHabit when you tweet about your donation, because Page Habit will make another donation when you do!

    6. The Book Drop

    sielju / Via

    Price: Starting at $16.99

    About this box: The Book Drop is run by avid book lovers at an independent bookstore with a goal of bringing the independent bookstore to YOU. Each box contains a book that you may not have otherwise found on your own, so there's an emphasis on hidden jems rather than big releases. You can choose from a few different themes: the Jane (historical/contemporary), the Ernest (action/thriller), young adult, or children. Depending on what you select, you'll receive one or two books. It's excellent for those who prefer to tailor their tastes to something a little more specific!

    7. My Book Box

    never_too_many_books / Via Instagram: @never_too_many_books

    Price: Starting at $39.95

    About this box: My Book Box truly offers options to the indecisive reader. You have the opportunity to select two different genres of books, and each month BOTH genres are delivered to you. Of course, you'll also receive some really cool book swag along with it.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    8. OwlCrate

    robbyreads / Via Instagram: @robbyreads

    Price: Starting at $29.99

    About this box: OwlCrate is an adorably successful book box that allows you to choose between two options: young adult (14 and up) and middle grade (8 to 12). You'll receive the book of the month in that genre PLUS bookish goodies such as pins, bookmarks, patches, bath bombs, tote bags, and more. It's a beautifully packaged delightful treat!

    9. Red.Blk.Grl

    msbszenlife / Via

    Price: Starting at $34.95

    Get 10% off your first box when you subscribe to their newsletter.

    About this box: Diversity is incredibly important, especially in young-adult literature, which is why Red.Blk.Grl's monthly subscription service features black young-adult fiction. Each box includes a contemporary novel that promotes power and positivity and some seriously lovely bookish goodies. This particular service has an amazing goal of placing outstanding books in the hands of black girls everywhere so they can see representations of themselves in the stories they read.

    10. BookLoot

    bookloot / Via Instagram: @bookloot

    Price: Starting at $32.99.

    About this box: BookLoot cultivates its box to specifically focus on upcoming authors within the YA community, so it's perfect if you're looking for your new favorite author. You'll also receive some incredible bookish swag along with it. Each month is centered around a theme, so it's unlikely you'll ever become bored!

    11. Shelflove Crate

    booksbeyondimagining / Via Instagram: @booksbeyondimagining

    Price: Starting at $22.99

    About this box: If you're looking for young-adult fiction that specifically includes magical worlds and fantastical reads, then you might love Shelflove. Designed to take readers to another world, this box features on fantasy YA and a TON of exceptional goodies, including candles, tea, bookmarks, soap, and signed items. You'll certainly feel like it's Christmas EVERY month with this box.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    12. My First Reading Club

    coffeeandbooksobsession / Via

    Price: Starting at $9.99

    About this box: My First Reading Club subscription service is designed to instill a love of reading and literacy in children. Boxes are organized by age, so after you pick the right box for your little reader, MFRC will send three books to your child. The service says it also includes a surprise! It's a very sweet, no-hassle way to start your little one's first book collection.

    13. Bookroo

    bookroo_love / Via Instagram: @bookroo_love

    Price: Starting at $17.99

    About this box: Bookroo is a super-cute subscription service that individually wraps each book in wrapping paper so your child can enjoy opening them each month. You have the option of choosing between two boxes. One contains three board books, and the other contains two picture books. The cool thing about this service is that it's designed to give you "hidden jem" books that you don't already own.

    14. Reading Bug Box

    readingbugbox / Via

    Price: Starting at $19.75

    About this box: Reading Bug Box was started by the wonderful staff at this independent bookstore's physical location in San Carlos, California. You can select a box for ages up to 13. Its mission is to get kids reading, even those who think they don't enjoy it. You'll receive a selection of books plus some fun extras in each box!

    15. Lillypost

    lillypostbox / Via Instagram: @lillypostbox

    Price: Starting at $26

    About this box: This service hand-wraps each book so your child can experience the joy of receiving a good book. Lillypost allows you to choose between the board-book option and the picture-book option for ages 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Lillypost strives to instill a love of reading in every child by offering many different kinds of books to subscribers.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    16. My Thrill Club

    _baker_the_baker_ / Via

    Price: Starting at $14.99

    About this box: My Thrill Club caters to those who prefer dark, unputdownable reads. With this service, you're able to choose from three genres: thriller, mystery, or horror. It's not just books, though! You also have the option of picking two books and one movie, or one book and two movies, from your selected genre. It's a great way to expand your horizons that fall under a category you love.

    17. The Nocturnal Reader's Box

    backtobookish / Via

    Price: Starting at $35

    About this box: The Nocturnal Reader's Box was started by two people who share a love for things dark and creepy. Each month's box has a theme, and inside you'll find at least two books, bookmarks, a custom art print, and a few more goodies. If horror is your jam, then this subscription box is absolutely worth checking out.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    18. Book Voyage

    pardonmywritings / Via

    Price: Starting at £14.99

    About this box: This enriching subscription service provides a different read from around the globe each month. You'll receive a book translated into English, a tea or coffee that originates from that country, and a treat that helps give you an immersive reading experience. Travel to faraway places without leaving the comfort of your couch with this box designed to bring people together.

    19. Inspired Book Club

    inspiredbookclub / Via

    Price: Starting at $34.99

    About this box: The theme behind this box is absolutely awesome! Inspired Book Club sends one book each month designed to empower and motivate you. You'll also receive an organic tea and artisanal goodies that are equally good for the soul. Not much of a book collector? They also give you the option of donating your book to a charity once you finish, so you can pay it forward. Everything about this subscription sounds truly *inspirational*.

    20. Magic Chest

    sarahlostbutfound / Via

    Price: Starting at €29.99

    About this box: Magic Chest is a subscription service that wants you to see the world and have an epic adventure! Each month you'll get a recently released fantasy novel and a few fun book-related items. Magic Chest is a subscription box from Europe, but they ship world wide. It's a wonderful service for readers who love to indulge and escape into the world of fantasy.

    21. Call Number

    jayeandy / Via

    Price: Starting at $20.00

    About this box: Call Number highlights contemporary black literature and authors. Each month has a different theme, and you'll receive a book, custom spine label, catalog card, and a variety of book- and library-related goodies. They even have a book-club kit to make book club planning less stressful!

    22. Blitberry

    blitberry / Via

    Price: Starting at $34.99

    About this box: Blitberry's subscription box is also designed to highlight contemporary black authors. Each month, you'll receive a quality novel along with some truly tasty treats and handpicked book-related gifts. This exceptionally fun subscription service empowers and raises up black literature by getting it into the hands of eager readers. You'll really look forward to each month's read with this box!

    23. Mirror Book Box

    mirrorbookbox / Via Instagram: @mirrorbookbox

    Price: Starting at $34.99

    About this box: Mirror Book Box places an emphasis on diverse books and books that reflect EVERYONE, which is incredible. Each carefully cultivated box includes one monthly read and, of course, lovely book swag. It's hard to be disappointed when you get so much of this goodness delivered right to your doorstep.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    24. Lit-Cube

    authorjenniferlkelly / Via

    Price: Starting at $34.85

    About this box: Lit-Cube's subscription box has a different theme each month and comes with one book and functional book goodies, such as journals, scarves, socks, jewelry, bookmarks, pens, pins, magnets, candles, lip balms, pencil bags, and more. The book selection spans genres, so each month brings a

    pleasant surprise to indecisive readers!

    25. Book of the Month

    thebooksbuzz / Via Instagram: @thebooksbuzz

    Price: $14.99

    About this box: Book of the Month approaches your reading selection a little differently. You're provided a few different newly released hardcover books for the upcoming month, and you choose the book that intrigues you the most. If more than one tickles your fancy, you can add it on for an additional $9.99. It's a really great service if you want to be in the know about new releases.

    26. Your Audiobook Club

    Price: Starting at $9.99

    About this box: If you don't have time to read, or if you prefer reading on a long commute, then this audiobook subscription service might be the box for you! You're able to choose from a variety of different genres, and two audiobooks are delivered on a monthly basis in the form of CDs. Your Audiobook Club delivers entertaining and engaging stories that'll leave you hungry for more.

    27. Hello Book Lover

    Price: $30.00

    About this box: Hello Book Lover is a subscription service "created for the modern woman." What's different about this box is that you can either choose between two books of the month, or choose to be surprised — which is excellent if you just can't decide. This box also includes some fun goodies, like the Baggu bag, sea salt hairspray, and a flamingo drink koozie (pictured above).