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    25 Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Creative, Unique, And Extremely Clever

    Halloween costumes for the literary lovers!

    1. This costume inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo:

    2. This stunningly detailed How to Train Your Dragon costume:

    3. This creative costume inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray:

    5. This punny reading rainbow costume — with a matching The Interestings:

    6. This adorable and unique Knight Bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

    7. This super-cute Emily Elizabeth and Clifford costume from the Clifford books:

    8. This beautiful rainbow fish from the story The Rainbow Fish:

    9. This spunky, cozy Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat:

    10. This adorable Escargot from the story Escargot:

    11. This masquerade costume inspired by The Starless Sea:

    12. This clever Handler costume inspired by The Umbrella Academy:

    13. This wicked Circe costume from Circe:

    14. This tiny Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are:

    15. This lovely Madeline costume inspired by the book of the same name:

    16. This on-point Nancy Drew costume:

    17. This lovely Cath costume from the novel Fangirl:

    18. These Handmaid costumes inspired by The Handmaid's Tale:

    19. This detailed Coraline costume inspired by the book of the same name:

    21. This stellar costume inspired by The Little Prince:

    23. This adorable Pete the Cat costume:

    24. This No. 5 and Diego costume inspired by The Umbrella Academy:

    25. And finally, this outstanding Camilla costume from A Bad Case of Stripes:

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