14 Oddly Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Body Hair

    Hair, hair, everywhere.

    1. Microscopic mites live in your eyelashes and eat your skin cells.

    2. Always wearing your hair in a tight ponytail or braids can cause female pattern baldness.

    3. Body hair typically regrows in 1-2 weeks after plucking or waxing.

    4. Pubic hair shaving sends lots of people to the E.R.

    5. The world's longest chest hair is 9.25 inches long.

    6. With the exception of bone marrow, your hair is the fastest growing tissue on your body.

    7. It's controversial as to whether your hair *actually* continues to grow after you die.

    8. Trichotillomania is the name for the disorder that causes people to pull out their own body hair.

    It's estimated to affect 2-4% of the population, and about 80-90% of those cases are in women, according to the Trichotillomania Learning Center.

    9. The purpose of eyebrow hair is to prevent sweat and oils from running into your eyes.

    10. There is an unidentified disease that causes fingernails to grow out of hair follicles instead of hair.

    11. Boob hair on women's nipples is way more common than you think.

    12. Body hair has a VERY short lifespan compared to the hair on your head.

    13. If we didn't have nose hairs, we'd probably be susceptible to getting sick WAY more often.

    14. Hypertrichosis is the name for extremely excessive hair growth on any part of the body.