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    17 Designers Who Probably Did Not Get A Raise


    1. The person in charge of creating this sign:

    2. The person who submitted this layout:

    3. The employee in charge of this confusing display:

    4. The person who painted this sign:

    5. The person who needed spell-check:

    6. The person who thought there wasn't anything wrong with this packaging design:

    7. The person in charge of this organizational effort:

    8. The designer of these doors:

    9. The person who was in charge of these label placements:

    10. The person who wrote this menu:

    11. The journalist who probably needed a copyeditor to give a final review:

    12. The designer who didn't see this coming:

    13. The person who decided on the placement of this sign:

    14. The person who designed this product:

    15. And the person who designed this product:

    16. The creator of this billboard's slogan:

    17. And finally, the designer of this T-shirt: