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    50 Of The Most Romantic Restaurants In The US, According To Yelp

    All the best romantic, cozy places according to Yelp.

    Note: This is a list of the best businesses in the US to spend Valentine's Day according to data pulled from Yelp.

    1. Cafe Monarch in Scottsdale, Arizona

    mixingwithmita / Via, cafe_monarch / Via

    "It was refreshing to find this amazing gem. This is a place where time slows down, and where great service is not an endangered species. It's truly amazing, from the ambiance of dinning room, to the romantic patio heated by the gentle glow of central fireplace." —Majid J, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the roasted cauliflower soup.

    2. Bavette's Bar & Boeuf in Chicago, Illinois

    melaniestonechi / Via, chicagofoodiemap / Via

    "We were in love from the moment we walked in! The ambiance feels like you've stepped back in time with dark mood lighting, jazz music, and an almost a mysterious yet romantic feel." —Stephanie C, Yelp.

    Tip: Most salads and sides are portioned to share.

    3. Penumbra in Chicago, Illinois

    Andrii D. / Via, Cinthya Q. / Via

    "I would highly recommend this spot for a romantic, intimate date. There were several private tables surrounded by drapes that offered a special ambience and experience. The charcuterie board was full of unusual selections, which is always fun." —Rachel K, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the basil old fashioned.

    4. Better Than Sex: A Dessert Restaurant in Key West, Florida

    42red / Via, sarahlillard1017 / Via

    "The place has a sexy vibe to it with dark lighting and pictures that create a kinky ambiance. What I like is that you sit next to each other as opposed to facing each other. We had the 'Sex Appeal' drink which is a moscato with white chili are rim and pink sugar." —Isabella K, Yelp.

    Tip: Avoid the wait by making a reservation through their website.

    5. Gary Danko in San Francisco, California

    whatevagoes / Via, nicemariee / Via

    "The cocktail menu is comprised of classic drinks, I had a Kir Royale and my boyfriend had a Manhattan — both perfectly crafted. The restaurant is a good size with an intimate and romantic feel." —Lynn C, Yelp.

    Tip: Come with enough time to enjoy and savor all the courses in your meal.

    6. Canoe in Atlanta, Georgia

    lovebyrdphoto / Via, Annie H. / Via

    "This is definitely a true special occasion place, especially if you sit on the outside patio. I LOVE their space by the river. It is incredibly romantic and their outdoor bar is stellar, especially on a warm night. The service was impeccable from the complimentary valet to the bartenders to the table service." —Kerry K, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the zucchini pecan bread with basil butter.

    7. L'ardoise Bistro in San Francisco, California

    lavacakelover / Via, foodbiddies / Via

    "The service was again impeccable in our most recent visit, with wonderfully romantic decor and very kind servers. She had foie gras and I had the brussel sprout salad for an appetizer. Both of us really loved our dishes. The foie gras had excellent flavor and portion size, and was plated beautifully." —Myles L, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the filet mignon.

    8. Gourmet Italia in Temecula, California

    laura.rae / Via, Tony C. / Via

    "Gourmet Italia really felt like your local hem of an Italian restaurant. They have a cute little bar with lights and music or you can choose for the more intimate, candlelight option in a separate room. The decor was very cute, rustic Italian with wine bottles, old candles, and beautiful art filling up the whole room. The service was noteworthy. Very attentive, kind, almost felt like family." —Nancy S, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the pesto gnocchi.

    9. Stonehouse Restaurant in Santa Barbara, California

    Kimi I. / Via, Ivy P. / Via

    "This is one of the best restaurants in the nation, if not the world. Yet another fine example of you get what you pay for. From the moment we pulled in to the end of the evening we were treated so nicely and the food is some of the best I have ever tasted. If I was not already married, I would have proposed in this restaurant." —Frank S, Yelp.

    Tip: Ask to sit in the garden section for gorgeous views.

    10. Mama's Fish House in Paia, Hawaii

    Alexis G. / Via, Diane M. / Via

    "From the beautiful ocean views to the delicious food, Mama's Fish House is a must try if you are in Maui. Please don't hesitate on coming here because you will not be disappointed. Everything was made so perfectly that I am literally drooling as I write this. From the appetizers to the main course and even dessert, I was very satisfied with what was brought out." —Kat N, Yelp.

    Tip: Order The Black Pearl for dessert.

    11. Cibo in Phoenix, Arizona

    Eric B. / Via, Lourdes V. / Via

    "This family owned restaurant offers a fabulous ambiance and delicious, authentic Italian food. We ordered several pizzas and we loved each one. The wine was on point and the service was fantastic!" —Danielle D, Yelp.

    Tip: Pizzas are big enough to share between three people.

    12. Per Se in New York, New York

    Elaine N. / Via, Anthony N. / Via

    "I took my girlfriend here for her birthday and glad I did. The dinner was nothing short of amazing. The restaurant took care of every detail from the moment we stepped in. The chef tasting menu was great as well. I was impressed with how they took simple ingredients (esp. for the salad) and really brought out the flavors in each of them." —Jay Y, Yelp.

    Tip: Choose savory tasting menu, dessert tasting menu, or both.

    13. Café Amelie in New Orleans, Louisiana

    Momo B. / Via, Tara A. / Via

    "I proposed to my girlfriend here and they were so accommodating for my plans to do it there. The vibe was amazing and the intimate setting really put the mood in the right place. But in addition, the food was spot on and on point. I got the duck special and my fiancé got the pasta special. We shared a gumbo and shrimp grits. Everything was phenomenal." —Ivan C, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the Cajun country poutine.

    14. Bistrot La Minette in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Rachel O. / Via, Justin V. / Via

    "If I could this more than five stars, I would. The atmosphere and service was great, but not as good as the food. We started with the arugula fig salad, mushroom soup, and a wild mushroom puff pastry. Then, we got the monkfish medallions, duck three ways and the steak. Probably one of the best steaks we have had." —Suf L, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the oeuf du pêcheur.

    15. Club A Steakhouse in New York, New York

    John M. / Via, Jennifer C. / Via

    "Fireplace, coat check, live band, red walls, and the coolest wine decanters you will ever see. I would come back here again for a romantic dinner as well. It feels very intimate. I ordered a petit filet mignon for my entree and it was the perfect size." —James S, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the truffle oil infused creamed spinach.

    16. Talula's Garden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Talulah's Garden / Yelp / Via, Sockboy_philly / Via

    "My girlfriend and I love this place. The interior is very unique and cozy. The food is all spot on and really well made. I think the service takes the crown, though. Our server was very attentive and even told us about how special some of their cutlery is. The whole restaurant just has a nice, intimate feel to it." —Andrew Z, Yelp.

    Tip: Try one of the cheese boards.

    17. The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia

    Vanessa N. / Via, Brett N. / Via

    "A true southern experience. The house itself has been gorgeously restored and you will feel as if you are stepping into another time and place upon entering. The food and the wait staff are both fantastic I will make you feel right at home." —Kelly B, Yelp.

    Tip: Order a Hummingbird to drink.

    18. Raines Law Room in New York, New York

    Summer X / Via, Christina T. / Via

    "Holy smokes, is this place sexy! I love speakeasies in general and Raines Law Room doesn't disappoint. The drinks are all very well-made and decently strong. I love that the menu is organized by flavor profiles; it makes ordering so much simpler. They do not have a food menu, but they do offer a small snack platter of olives, cheese, and soppressata." —Juliana T, Yelp.

    Tip: The setting is solely sofas, no chairs or booths.

    19. Daniel in New York, New York

    Daniel / Yelp / Via, Lori L. / Via

    "First I have to tell you that this was probably one of the most exceptional dining experiences I've ever had in my life. The menu was well thought out, and allowed us to try some things that we never would have otherwise." —Amy C, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the black sea bass.

    20. Bern's Steak House in Tampa, Florida

    Michael U. / Via, Tashfia N. / Via

    "Bern's is definitely the go-to place to celebrate, enjoy fine wining and dining and indulge in exquisite meats to sweets. But, for me, the more intimate and more casual coziness of dining in the Bern's bar is really hard to beat." —Mary J, Yelp.

    Tip: Complementary tours provided through the kitchen and wine cellar.

    21. Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in Miami, Florida

    Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar / Yelp / Via

    "The ambiance is relaxed and even romantic, making this the perfect place for special occasions. We had four appetizers to share within the table, the sweet and spicy shrimp, tamalitos, lamb chops, and pork wontons, they were all more amazing than the next. For drinks, we opted for the sangria which was one of the best I've had." —Jennifer M, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the Harris Ranch Black Angus.

    22. Collage Restaurant in Saint Augustine, Florida

    Georgina G. / Via, Damon F. / Via

    "It's very charming with the old house atmosphere blended with a very classy upscale dining experience. It was a perfect evening, a perfect meal, and a perfect experience." —Virginia G, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the lobster ravioli.

    23. Bella On the River in San Antonio, Texas

    Janina P. / Via, Miyuki M / Via

    "The ambiance of the San Antonio River Walk in the evening is undeniably romantic. So when you are hungry, why settle for a large noisy dining room when you can sit in a small romantic setting that is complimented with excellent food?" —Andy F, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the pistachio cake.

    24. Azure Restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Yvonne D. / Via, Ivy W. / Via

    "My husband and I came to Oahu for the week to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary and for our actual day we came to Azure for dinner. I wanted to eat somewhere we could see the sun setting and have a special dinner to celebrate our milestone. Azure did not disappoint and I can honestly say that this was the best dining experience we've ever had." —Mary Jane A, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the tasting menu.

    25. La Mer in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Manda Bear B. / Via, Ten N. / Via

    "We had reservations just before sunset and had an amazing view of the water as well as Diamondhead. We love to eat out, but this kind of splurge for us is definitely for special occasions only. We both had the four-course meal with no overlap so we could maximize variety." —Betty L, Yelp

    Tip: Order the Hawaiian vanilla soufflé.

    26. St Martin's Wine Bistro in Dallas, Texas

    Joseph H. / Via, Kelly K. / Via

    "St. Martin's really shines as a beacon of romance and sophistication in fine dining while in Dallas. The experience was well worth it. Food and ambience was the perfect fit for a special occasion, and we will certainly be back!" —Sean G, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the champagne brie soup.

    27. Gilt Bar in Chicago, Illinois

    Gilt Bar / Via, Y H / Via

    "Very dark atmosphere, loud music, cozy tables. The mussels were the best we've had in the city! The broth is delicious and we used every last crumb of that sourdough bread to soak it up. The orecchiette was really good too — loved it with the chorizo." —Danielle D, Yelp.

    Tip: You won't go wrong ordering any of the pasta dishes.

    28. Tidepools in Poipu, Hawaii

    Tidepools / Via, Bri C. / Via

    "From the ambiance and the koi ponds, the great service, and the delicious food, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. For my main course, I chose the Hawaiian Catch which was beyond amazing! The lobster, scallop, shrimp, and swordfish were cooked to perfection but the highlight of the meal was SURPRISINGLY the complimentary warm rolls and whipped truffle butter." —Kate I, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the Hawaiian Catch.

    29. Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Eiffel Tower / Via, Veronica C. / Via

    "We've had TWO outstanding meals in a row here. First of all, we're locals. You've got to drive a hard bargain to get us near the strip. Eiffel Tower Restaurant does just that. Probably one of the most tourist dense restaurants in the city and equally one of the most well known. However, for this place, we make the trip. The food is perfect. The service is perfect." —Sara G, Yelp.

    Tip: You can request to sit in the area with a view of the Bellagio fountain.

    30. Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante Italiano in Sedona, Arizona

    Max S. / Via, Greg N. / Via

    "What a lovely Italian restaurant in beautiful Sedona. The atmosphere is warm and romantic. The service is fantastic. And the food is delicious. My husband enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet (veal and eggplant). I loved the salmon limoncello. The pianist was a great touch as well, making the dinner feel truly special." —Esther B, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the Ravioli Ramona.

    31. Circa 1886 Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina

    Circa 1886 / Via, Circa 1886 / Via

    "Beautiful ambiance, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and fabulous food. We had an amazing meal here, definitely deserves to be a top contender in the competitive Charleston food scene. Perfect for a romantic date night." —Leah G, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the antelope.

    32. The Pink Door in Seattle, Washington

    Robert W. / Via, Victoria T. / Via

    "The restaurant is GORGEOUS! There's filigree, chandeliers, candelabras, gilded furniture and artwork around the place. The lighting sets a nice, elegant, sepia tone which is perfect for a romantic dinner or an awesome girls night. I loved it!" —Caprice F, Yelp.

    Tip: For an extra treat, make your reservation on a night where the trapeze artists perform.

    33. Hugo's Cellar in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Micah O. / Via, Kimberly T. / Via

    "Hands down amazing place! Great food and the service was even better. Went there last night to witness one of our friends propose to his girlfriend. Very classy place, we'll definitely go back again and be regular diners from this hidden gem of Las Vegas." —JG W, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the Beef Wellington.

    34. RM Champagne in Chicago, Illinois

    RM Champagne / Via, Phill C. / Via

    "If you have a date you'd like to impress, bring her to RM. First, it's cool how you walk down a narrow, secret path to get to the restaurant. Inside, there's a cozy fireplace, exposed brick walls, framed pictures and tons of candles. We tried the mushroom flatbread with black truffle preserve and it was amazing. Crispy and delicious. They also have some of the best fries I've had." —Ozzie T, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the Devils Reject.

    35. Cafe Matisse in Rutherford, New Jersey

    Cafe Matisse / Via, Cafe Matisse / Via

    "Cozy French atmosphere, beautiful garden in the back, and great service! The menu is prix fixe, ranging between three and five courses. I had a beet and burrata salad, followed by tuna tartare, with a meat course of venison that was so incredibly delicious, it truly left me breathless! Very creative preparation, and use of unique flavor combos!" —Valigirl V, Yelp.

    Tip: It's BYOB.

    36. Creperie du Village in Aspen, Colorado

    Chester C. / Via, Grace A. / Via

    "What an intimate, romantic, memorable experience. The French onion soup is to die for, and I expected no less from this underground French hot spot! I also had Pink Panther sweet, so yummy! My husband had a hot toddy and now has a new favorite warm drink! We also shared the Raclette. What an experience!" —Katie F, Yelp.

    Tip: Vegan entrées available.

    37. Kenny's Wood Fired Grill in Dallas, Texas

    Kenny's / Via, MJ M. / Via

    "Completely blown away! This was by far the most enjoyable meal that I had on my most recent trip out to Dallas. Everything was top notch here. This place is dark, sexy, sultry, and classy. All in all, I had such a fantastic experience!" —Shayla B, Yelp

    Tip: Try the Adult Mac 'N Cheese.

    38. Elizabeth On 37th in Savannah, Georgia

    Shi S. / Via, Jane G. / Via

    "Elizabeth on 37th doesn't just offer a perfect meal, they offer an incredible dining experience. Cocktails are excellent and the suggested offerings were a good start to the evening. Their unique take on traditional appetizers (such as their spin on caprese salad) is lovely. Main courses: I enjoyed the chicken with collards and stuffing, perfectly prepared and just enough of a portion to leave me full. Desserts are outstanding." —James I, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the chocolate pecan torte.

    39. Gracie's in Providence, Rhode Island

    Ellie B. / Via, Danielle S. / Via

    "Nothing comes close to the dining experience I had at Gracie's for my fiancé's birthday dinner. We ordered the nine course chef's tasting menu with wine pairings and I have to say, while it was one of the most expensive meals we've enjoyed, it was worth every penny and the sommeliers wine pairings elevated every dish." —Crosby N, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the chef's tasting menu.

    40. Buddakan in Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Buddakan / Via, Mo A / Via

    "The atmosphere was great and really makes you forget for a little while that you are in Atlantic City. We started with the tuna spring rolls and the edamame ravioli. The spring rolls were crispy and delicious and the ravioli was cooked perfectly and tasted great." —Mike G, Yelp.

    Tip: Order the Zen-Ful donuts.

    41. Peter Shields Inn & Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey

    Sue T. / Via, Bon Appe'tit M / Via

    "This place has a classy atmosphere with a view that overlooks the ocean with a live piano player that adds to the romantic ambience. We started with the foie gras and the crab salad, enjoyed the sockeye salmon and veal chop for entrees, and tried both of the bread puddings for dessert." —Brittany P, Yelp.

    Tip: It's BYOB.

    42. rise n°1 in Dallas, Texas

    Sunny L / Via, Samantha T / Via

    "The atmosphere is magical with twinkling lights, tree branches, and garden-esque furniture. The lights are dim, and the charm is bountiful. The bread is plentiful, fresh, and served with mini guillotine like serving boards. And then there are the soufflés...both the savory and the sweet options are exquisite, with my personal favorites being the southwest chicken topped off with a slug of salsa verde, and the banana. Each type comes with their own smear, sauce, or other topping." —Ahana S, Yelp

    Tip: Order the marshmallow soup.

    43. Marcel in Atlanta, Georgia

    Daniel B / Via, Paul K / Via

    "My husband and I went there for an early Valentine's Day dinner and had a great time. The decor is prohibition style but also romantic. We ordered oysters and foie gras as appetizers and loved the foie gras; definitely some of the best we've ever had." —Amanda H, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the Pommes Aligot.

    44. Second Empire Restaurant And Tavern in Raleigh, North Carolina

    Lynsy M / Via, Jean K / Via

    "Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern has a cozy but elegant feel with a strong wine selection and an excellent chef. Make a reservation ahead of time on the weekends and let the staff know if you're celebrating anything, have food preferences, etc. to have a more personalized experience." —Kelsey B, Yelp.

    Save room for the chocolate soufflé.

    45. a Cena Ristorante in Portland, Oregon

    Jo V / Via, a Cena / Via

    "This is the place to eat if you want authentic, well-made Italian food. We have been here many times and have always been impressed with whatever we order. The agnolotti corn and mascarpone pasta with butter poached lobster is so buttery and rich — almost like a velvety dessert. Possibly one of my favorite dishes in all of Portland!" —LaRae B, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the stracotto.

    46. Irene's Cuisine in New Orleans, Louisiana

    Ashlie J / Via, Big E E / Via

    "I can't say enough amazing things about Irene's. Just go experience it. The best service, food, and atmosphere that I have ever experienced. Get the lamb chops!" —Lauryn C, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the bread pudding.

    47. Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Yuan J / Via, Yuting Y / Via

    "The ambiance is set with light live music, which was great, and the décor was minimal but homey and welcoming. The food is delicious. It's mostly Mediterranean tapas (many of which were on the smaller side), so ordering a few is a must, even if you are also going to get an entrée." —Olivia W, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the Sultan's Delight.

    48. Odyssey Italian Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

    Odyssey / Via, Odyssey / Via

    "The atmosphere is really cute and romantic with rose petals along the front walkway. The inside is intimate and dim. The Carbonara was very good, nice and creamy with lots of flavor! The portions are nicely sized." —Kimmi L, Yelp.

    Tip: Go on a Monday to take advantage of $8 Pasta Monday.

    49. 5th & Taylor in Nashville, Tennessee

    Diana R / Via, Courtney C / Via

    "It's an attractive, unpretentious sprawling dining room with an open kitchen housed in a converted factory building, making it the prefect setting for any type of gathering, including an intimate date night." —Robert D, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the fried chicken.

    50. Novel Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri

    Melissa R, Jeremy C / Via

    "Once you go inside, you will be amazed at the ambiance of the place. Dim, cozy and romantic with lit candles. And once you have a taste of their food, you can see why they're one of the top rated restaurant in Kansas City. Definitely try their Passionfruit Panna Cotta with blood orange and crumble pieces of sesame brittle even if you are full." —Lyna L, Yelp.

    Tip: Try the duck neck dumplings.