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25 Book Tweets So Hilarious, They Went Viral In 2021

"No, that's my emotional support pile of unread books."

Book Twitter truly showed up in 2021. Here you'll find book and writing-related tweets so funny that they went viral earlier this year. And once you're done chuckling, be sure to give these talented tweet-crafters a follow!


deleted my dating apps. just gonna try shaking my ass at barnes & noble to find my soulmate

Twitter: @glazedkait


When you were 11 did you hand-write 3 chapters of the first book of a planned trilogy and then completely forget about it until you discovered the notebook as an adult and were horrified or were you normal

Twitter: @LibraryLydia


RIP edgar allen poe i know he woud've loved that's so raven

Twitter: @mygfreal


Twitter: @BenJavertComedy


no, that's my emotional support pile of unread books

Twitter: @reniadeb


rediscovered the joy of reading for pleasure (bragging about it)

Twitter: @PallaviGunalan


Twitter: @CarolMaps


I love reading by which I mean buying books

Twitter: @jennyjaffe


the feminine urge to read an excessive amount of romance books that set your standards so high that nobody can actually meet them

Twitter: @beachreadsbree


Twitter: @TrannaWintour


me ???????? obsessed ????? with reading romance books to escape real life????????? yes

Twitter: @blackstvairs


new year new me,” i say after waking up as a giant cockroach

Twitter: @drankturpentine


One of the girls in my 9 year old’s class just said “My favorite author, other than myself, is Judy Blume,” and that’s the energy I want to see from all women writers going forward

Twitter: @beccasaltz


writing fiction is amazing. i'm just out here lying

Twitter: @lrsphm


me: imagine dragons jrr tolkien: i'm way ahead of you

Twitter: @TheHyyyype


Ok but why does this expensive beef jerky look like it's about to rocket to the top of the NYTs bestsellers list

Twitter: @cassius_a


Someone needs to start a Scholastic Book Club for grownups, complete with that flimsy glorious little order form

Twitter: @ambernoelle


some books for real need to come with a “this is going to be your only personality trait when you finish it” warning

Twitter: @dilemmalord


planning to get wild after the pandemic and by “get wild” I mean becoming the village witch who cooks mountains of spaghetti in a cauldron and accidentally floods the town with spaghetti

Twitter: @SketchesbyBoze


was the first “novel” you attempted to write as a kid just a poorly plagiarized version of your favorite book at the time or are you normal

Twitter: @caitlinalthea


○ buying books because you love reading ○ buying books to support artists ◉ buying books as a little treat to fill the void inside you and then stacking them in comforting piles

Twitter: @PaperFury


“what’s your type in men?” fictional.

Twitter: @villainsaints


at first i was like "mmmmm reading books to escape reality" as a JOKE! but bro... i don't think it's a joke anymore...

Twitter: @ignitemyIoves


me writing books: oh no do I have to write a kiss? what if they just boop noses me reading books: I can't believe I'm 88% through this historical romance novel and nobody has smashed yet this is an outrage

Twitter: @RosieeThor


imagine a book club but we’re all writing a singular piece of fanfiction. this week we’re at my house, I’ve prepared lemon squares and Capri Suns while we discuss our Spongebob/Squidward slow burn enemies to lovers fic

Twitter: @sarahschauer

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