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    25 Bookstagrammers You Should Be Following This Month

    Find your new favorite book recommenders!

    1. Johanna from @johsjournal

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    About Me: My name is Johanna, an avid reader who was born in the Philippines, raised in the United States, and am currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reading was a huge part of my childhood at home and at school where I studied English Literature for undergrad, but work (I’m in the Legal and Tech industries) had completely dominated my life until last year when I started reading again and started a bookstagram. These days, I prefer my dog Enzo and books over people, and I’m not sorry.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect honest reviews and features of mostly fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism books. I prioritize and highlight books written by BIPOC and authors of other marginalized groups across several genres, including SFF, historical fiction, nonfiction, and literary fiction. I also encourage my followers to read Asian literature. Some of my reading journal spreads from my blackout notebook tend to make an appearance on my Instagram every now and then!

    A Recent Book I Loved: So many good books out there! I love everything about Jade City by Fonda Lee. An Asian-inspired urban fantasy with gangster and kung fu film vibes, Jade City tells the story of two rival warrior clans who carry the bloodline of a race with the ability to harness the power of a natural substance unique to Kekon, jade. Focus is on No Peak Clan siblings, the Kauls, who are forced to protect their own as the greed of rival power-hungry Ayt family of the Mountain clan threaten the country’s economic stability. I loved the dynamics between the siblings and other thematic elements woven into this story: loyalty, honor, mythology, and magic (Lee seamlessly entwines the country’s history and the lore behind jade, and I loved the interludes about the Deities). For me, all of it was believable, the fight scenes entertaining, and, for me, the cultural nuances relatable. I can see why the book is going to be developed into a TV series. I’m so excited!

    2. Danny from @thebookorder

    @thebookorder / Via Instagram: @thebookorder,

    About Me: My name is Danny! I'm a queer guy from Canada, sharing my love for all things book-related on Instagram.

    What Followers Can Expect: People can expect book reviews, unboxings, and tons of photos of pretty books!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book I loved was A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth! It's an urban fantasy following four queer characters in the city of Toronto as they try to figure out who is performing ritualistic murders that threaten to expose the Fae realm to the human world.

    3. Serena from @bookaquarius

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    About Me: My name is Rena. I turned 25 this year, and I grew up in California. I’m excited to say I will be graduating from law school in 2021. I love sharing my love of books with the world, taking photos, and attempting to make the perfect frozen margaritas!

    What Followers Can Expect: My account is all about reading just for the joy of it and sharing my love of fantasy and speculative fiction. On my account I like to promote the work of underrepresented authors and try help people understand that authors of color are not a deviation from norm. Authors of color are pushing boundaries across genres in really exciting ways and I like to highlight that on my page.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark and thought it was brilliant. Ring Shout is a very short book that weaves together a compelling plot, themes of trauma and racism, Black history and folklore, and awesome character work into a beautiful, cohesive story definitely worth a read. I loved it. I cried twice because I’m sensitive (lol) and this book really dug into something deep that I know many Black people will be able to relate to. I think there’s something here for everyone, but I also strongly believe this book will hit different for Black readers, especially those who know intimately the pain and violence wrought by American/Western colonialism and racism.

    4. Madi from @madismysteries

    @madismysteries / Via Instagram: @madismysteries,

    About Me: My name is Madi and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I’m currently in my first year of law school and hoping to become a criminal lawyer and pursue a life filled with social justice! I love sarcasm, running, and building things.

    What Followers Can Expect: I post a lot of mystery/thriller reviews on my account but have been branching out into other genres as well this year. I’m passionate about activism and I do a biweekly segment called Mondays with Madi where I post about things I’m interested in (wrongful convictions, true crime, mental health, etc.)

    A Recent Book I Loved: The first book I read by Backman was Anxious People and it earned the award for “the fiction book I most wish I wrote” so I was super pleased to love A Man Called Ove as well! Reading this book felt like melting chocolate in a pot on the stove and then sinking into it like a hot tub. It wins the award for having me cry the soonest a book has ever made me cry. It was adorable and sad and funny and cute and real. Backman is just such a gifted author — he does such a good job of creating characters with his words in a way that makes you feel like you grew up with them.

    5. Asha from @tothineshelfbetrue

    @tothineshelfbetrue / Via Instagram: @tothineshelfbetrue,

    About Me: I'm originally from Long Island (complete with the accent and snobbery about bagels) and currently live in DC. I am always down to discuss the Bachelor franchise, and I love Taylor Swift. I was a huge bookworm as a kid — I'd take out seven books at a time and finish them way ahead of their due dates, but I stopped in college. After I finished school and began working full time, I started picking up books again and fell back in love with reading.

    What Followers Can Expect: Lots of recommendations and reviews but also "bookalikes" (aka "if you like this, try this") and "starter packs" so that people who might not be immersed in book internet have a good jumping point. My reviews span plenty of genres from nonfiction to fantasy but my favorite genre is romance. Reading diversely is also important to me. I thought that as a South Asian woman and the daughter of immigrants growing up in a multicultural community, I would naturally pick up titles that reflect that but I found that wasn't the case so I'm trying to be purposeful about the voices I'm seeking out and amplifying. Plus, you can expect plenty of (in my opinion) hilarious outtakes because it definitely takes more than one try to get the right shot.

    A Recent Book I Loved: My favorite book of 2021 so far has been The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune. It absolutely lived up to the hype and just made my heart feel so warm and full. It was a poignant story and really sent the message to look past stereotypes and not just believe what you've been told so that you can see who people really are and what they can be. It really captured how important it is to look for the best in people and to understand that doing something correctly isn’t necessarily the same as doing the right thing. Every character was an absolute cinnamon roll and I want only the best for them.

    6. Alejandro from @alejandro.reads

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    About Me: My name is Alejandro, and I use he, him, his, and el pronouns. I am a 9th grade English Language Arts and English as a Second Language teacher in Houston. As a product of Mexican immigrants, I have witnessed the power of community first hand, so I am passionate about community organizing and advocacy with a specific focus on rethinking school discipline and creating brave spaces for undocumented youth in schools.

    What Followers Can Expect: I started @alejandro.reads to find healing and pieces of myself in written words, so most of the books I rave about are books that sparked a strong, personal connection with me or explore topics I am passionate about. I prioritize reading books that center Black, Indigenous, and People of color (BI&POC). Additionally, I read texts that discuss abolition, transformative justice, and liberation, so followers can expect a lot of books that dissect America and examine alternative frameworks for how we respond to everyone who is harmed by our capitalistic, carceral state. Lastly, I host the #DecolonizeDecemberPhotoChallenge every December, which is a challenge that seeks to highlight BIPOC stories and narratives.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Most of the books I've read this year have been so amazing. If I had to pick one, I would have to say Infinite Country by Patricia Engel. Infinite Country follows a mixed-status family living in Colombia and New Jersey that has been separated by borders and anti-immigrant policies. This book is special to me because I saw my family in this story, and I know all too well how taxing it is to navigate this country with great precaution because someone you love is deportable. This book holds a special place in my heart because of its incredible depiction of how grounding familial love is — how it can heal and protect in the face of xenophobia and white supremacy.

    7. Linzi from @abookishendeavor

    @abookishendeavor / Via Instagram: @abookishendeavor,

    About Me: Hi, I'm Linzi! I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, mental health advocate, and aspiring confetti connoisseur. I’m from the Midwest but currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and two cat children. Reading is a major pillar of my identity, and I simply couldn't live without it.

    What Followers Can Expect: I read A LOT (301 books in 2020), and love to explore across different genres; my favorites being fantasy, historical fiction, and speculative short stories. When I love a book, I SCREAM (or cry) about it from the streets of Brooklyn, so followers can expect a lot of very enthusiastic (read: blubbering) reviews and book photos around the city. I also take every opportunity to feature independent bookstores and have a goal to visit every indie bookstore in NYC. Lastly, as a huge proponent of sharing one’s story and destigmatizing mental health, I often get up close and personal about my mental health journey, identity as a Chinese American adoptee, and grief over the loss of my dad at age 20.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa was so wholesome, lovely, yet heart-wrenching in ways I wasn’t expecting. A 30-year old Japanese man, Sentaro, is barely scraping by in life, indebted and bound to a confectionery shop specializing in dorayaki, a pancake dessert filled with sweet bean paste. His soul-numbing existence is disrupted when an elderly lady, Tokue, steps into his life with the best sweet bean paste Sentaro has ever tasted. So begins their friendship and work together. There is so much more depth to this book than just fluffy pancakes, though. Tokue has secrets from her past as well that have led to a life of suffering, spoiled dreams, and isolation. This book has a slow, flowing nature that is almost meditative, with definite philosophical and spiritual undertones.

    8. Helen from @readwithneleh

    @readwithneleh / Via Instagram: @readwithneleh,

    About Me: Hi, I'm Helen! I'm a Korean-American Angeleno living in San Francisco. Besides being a bookworm, I am a foodie, hiker, dog mom, and a lover of all the shoes.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect reviews focused on books by BIPOC authors that range in genre, but mostly from literary fiction, fantasy, memoirs, and translated fiction. My reviews are often personal because I love sharing how a book moved me and connecting with people based on shared experience. I also post photos of my outfits and/or sneakers that match book covers! You'll also find a lot of food content in my stories.

    A Recent Book I Loved: This one is so hard because there have been so many great books! I read Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters earlier this year and I still think about it. As a cis, straight woman, it really opened my eyes about my views on motherhood. I highly recommend it. It's about three women, trans and cis, whose lives become intertwined around an unexpected pregnancy. Reese is a trans woman who desperately wants to be a mother. And Ames, Reese's ex, is a destransitioned trans woman who got her boss, Katrina, pregnant. Longing to make sense of the pregnancy and at a chance of a family, Ames propositions that the three of them raise the baby together.

    9. Vicki from @vickisbookshelf

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    About Me: Hi! My name is Vicki and I’m a 24 year-old Florida native now living in Massachusetts. I’m a mental health therapist by day and a bookworm by night. I often choose books over people but if I do leave the house, catch me with a few books in my bag.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect book recommendations from a wide range of genres — although my favorites are YA, romance, and fantasy! I also love featuring books with Jewish representation as an #OwnVoices advocate. Along with reviews, you can expect to see talk about mental health, a lot of coffee, house plants, and the occasional guest appearance of my pup, Lou!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I just recently finished Legendborn by Tracy Deonn and wow, wow, wow! Bree is the brilliant, badass protagonist this world needed. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, what are you waiting for? Holy heck was this book so good. I actually teared up when I read the last page because I was so sad I finished — which is very on brand for me (lmao).

    10. Casey from @caseythereader

    @caseythereader / Via Instagram: @caseythereader,

    About Me: Hi! My name is Casey and I'm a 30-something queer woman living in the DC area with my spouse and two cats. By day I'm a digital marketer, but I've had my nose in a book since I was a little kid and I love shouting about books with my fellow bookworms.

    What Followers Can Expect: I try to read as broadly and diversely as possible, so hopefully a little bit of everything. My true loves are sci-fi/fantasy or young adult novels featuring queer characters. The past few years have brought us some truly wonderful books featuring people and characters I've never seen on the pages of books before and I want to share them with everyone. You'll also see a lot of my cats Teddy and Marcel, plus plenty of coffee and cocktails.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I just devoured Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers in one sitting. Grace wakes up after a night out in Las Vegas to discover she married Yuki, a girl she can't remember. When Grace hits a wall in her professional life, she heads to New York to meet and get to know Yuki. Honey Girl is a beautiful exploration of blood family, queer found family, and learning when to ask for help.

    11. Amber from @cvillebooksandwine

    @cvillebooksandwine / Via,

    About Me: I'm Amber! I am a 29(ish)-year-old lover of all things books and wine! I just love curling up with a good book and a delicious glass of red after a long day. When I'm not reading, I am running a business with my husband of almost nine years and spending time with our beautiful daughter, Brynn.

    What Followers Can Expect: My followers can expect to see bright, colorful photos, fun reels, and book recommendations! I especially love to read mysteries and thrillers as well as contemporary romance, so if that's your jam, I have a long list of recs for you! I love meeting new people and through the last year of uncertainty in the world, bookstagram has been my happy place. I love the connections, friendships, and all around love that has blossomed from joining this community. I am so thankful for the joy it has brought me!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently finished Ties That Tether by Jane Ighano. I had picked it up after seeing a phenomenal review by @hillysreads and I was blown away. I highly recommend this book! I FLEW through this one and enjoyed every minute of it. Love, heartbreak, choices and excellent chemistry — this is easily one of my favorites of 2021!

    12. Danielle from @dogmombookworm

    @dogmombookworm / Via Instagram: @dogmombookworm,

    About Me: My name is Danielle and I live in Philly with my fiancé and pup. I was adopted from South Korea as a baby and raised Jewish in DC, but I have been living in Philly for the past 10 years.

    What Followers Can Expect: I am most drawn to books that have been written by women and BIPOC. Followers can expect honest reviews on a wide variety of genres coupled with photos around the beautiful streets of Philly (only good things happen here!). I buy almost all of my books from an indie, Black, woman-owned bookstore (s/o Harriett's Bookshop!) but let's be honest: books can be expensive, so I have a mix of library books too.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Milk Blood Heat by Dantiel Moniz! The book leaves you with a metallic taste of blood, warmth, shame, sadness, and life. It's a collection of short stories surrounding people in various stages of sadness, grief and anger, who try to fill themselves, distract themselves, and outright embrace pain to feel alive. Like The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, the characters in this book are trying to carve out space for themselves to live. Filled with shame and want, the perfect terseness of Moniz's writing style gives us enough to stay on the edge of our seat, yet leave us wanting more, aching for more.

    13. CoCo from @coco_chasing_adventures

    @coco_chasing_adventures / Via Instagram: @coco_chasing_adventures

    About Me: My name is Courtney, but my book friends call me CoCo — bringer of the cozy vibes! I’m a working (engineer) mother of a 6-year-old who keeps me young, and I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for nearly thirteen years. I’m a writer and I like to say I’m working on an adult fantasy novel, but I’m much too nervous to share!

    What Followers Can Expect: I’m a Black feminist, lover of all things simple, cozy and adventurous. I share books, lifestyle tips, recipes and inclusive brands that align to my principles and way of life. Every morning, I share an inspirational quote, art or person to help you set your intention. Ultimately, the objective is to empower and commune with book lovers.

    A Recent Book I Loved: My most anticipated read this year was Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans. I have followed her career and watched videos of her performing poetry on YouTube. I’ve always been enamored with her soothing tone while delivering strong critiques of society. This particular collection is a summoning for Black girls to come home to that place where we eat our Mama’s food and get our hair done. This book is a love letter to Black girls, and I am indeed in love.

    14. Olivia from @cant.liv.without.books

    http://@cant.liv.without.books / Via Instagram: @cant.liv.without.books,

    About Me: I'm a second grade teacher in the DC area and I love what I do. When I'm not (still) virtual teaching or reading, I'm training for my next marathon, bullet journaling, watching The Bachelor, or applying for rescue dogs. I lived in Vietnam for a year and regularly dream about the next time I'll be able to sip cà phê sữa đa on a crowded, bustling street post-pandemic.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect detailed reviews (with content warnings) both on my instagram page and my blog. My favorite genres are historical fiction and memoir, but I read a wide variety of books from thriller to YA romance to historical biography. My bookstagram is a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.

    A Recent Book I Loved: While I love reading best sellers, I also love to find indie or less-reviewed books and lift them up for others to read. One book I lift up — and have been told this is THE book people associate my account with — is The Mountains Sing by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai. It is a multigenerational tale of the Tran family, from the 1920s Communist Land Reform through the Vietnam War. Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai writes with such incredibly lyricism and emotion, and the story uplifts the voices of Vietnamese people, a side of the story Americans do not see in history class. Also, she is hands-down my favorite author friend on bookstagram.

    15. Katie from @kikiareyoureading

    @kikiareyoureading / Via Instagram: @kikiareyoureading,

    About Me: My name is Katie and I'm a biracial 33-year-old midwest transplant living in the metro DC area. While reading is one of my absolute favorite past times, I also enjoy describing every book I read in great detail to my husband, obsessing about my perfect cat, watching Disney vloggers talk about theme park food for hours, and sitting outside with a glass of wine.

    What Followers Can Expect: I usually describe the books I read as either sad or sexy, and that couldn't be more true. One day you'll see a review for an incredibly heavy, messy and dramatic book and then the next day you'll see me reviewing the most ridiculously great happily-ever-after romance. I also typically read a pretty diverse array of books, whether that be author or experience and I hope anyone can come to my account and see a book that highlights their experience!

    A Recent Book I Loved: Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. She's probably my favorite author and this book was so quintessential Tayari Jones, with messy characters that you don't really love but understand where they're coming from. Perfection! Silver Sparrow tells the messy story of two family's in 1980s Atlanta, both connected by one man. One family is a secret and kept in the shadows while the other gets to be publicly connected to him, oblivious to his other life. There are so many themes going on in this book, between what love looks like for all of us and how it can differ as well as the roles that are traditionally given to a family vs. what family can mean outside of those traditional roles. And each of these themes scattering throughout the book played into Jones masterful writing, weaving these themes into an American family, and breaking the molds we all see as "normal."

    16. Gabi from @booklanguage

    @booklanguage / Via Instagram: @booklanguage,

    About Me: Even though I wish my career was spent reading books, it's largely spent creating things. I'm a writer and photographer; founder of Well Kept, where I support women in small business who are ready to play big; founder of Literary League, an international book club in 40+ cities around the world; and co-founder of idlewide, where I spend my time creating content and connecting with fellow self-employed women.

    What Followers Can Expect: I delve into my lived experiences and how the books I'm reading enrich them. My favorite conversations feature heart-to-hearts about books that make me feel something. Generally, you can expect to see me raving about literary fiction, rom-coms, thrillers, anything set in a small town, and everything that Literary League is reading.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Even though I primarily read fiction, I loved reading the poetry collection What Kind of Woman. Kate Baer's writing is true magic. This was the last book I read in 2020. It was the perfect way to seal off the craziest of years and bring hope into this one. I'm new to poems and, wow, I see what I've been missing. Kate Baer's words will stay with me for years to come.

    17. Gabby from @bookish_afrolatina

    @bookish_afrolatina / Via Instagram: @bookish_afrolatina,

    About Me: My name is Gabby and I'm a librarian, archivist, and historian in Massachusetts. I'm dedicated to researching and sharing the stories of those who have been pushed aside throughout history. My main focus is to do this in a way that is relatable and engaging.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect to see posts about books by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), disabled folks, LGBTQ+ folks, and more. As much as I admire the bookstagram accounts with gorgeous aesthetics and style, I don't have that on my page. My favorite genres are historical fiction, diverse romances, historical nonfiction, and sometimes young adult novels. As a classic millennial, you will likely find images that include my cats and plants, too. I post everything from relaxing page turning videos to book reviews and librarian jokes.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book I enjoyed was How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole. I love most of Cole's books because her characters are funny, relatable, lovable, and smart. Check out my review on my website

    18. Jordyn from @biblio.jordyn

    http://@biblio.jordyn / Via Instagram: @biblio.jordyn,

    About Me: My name is Jordyn Walker and I’m a School Social Worker at a special education school in Northeast DC. I love books, brunch, cheese, and wine — and chatting about all of them all of the time. I am a huge extrovert and am always looking to make connections anywhere I go. I have made so many genuine connections here on bookstagram and I’ve loved every second of it!

    What Followers Can Expect: From my account you can expect a wide variety of genre recommendations and book features, honest reviews, advocacy for BIPOC and #ownvoices books, and books that have badass women. In a lot of my reviews, my social worker side shines through. I love preventative care and mental health. I also do a lot of polls, engaging with my followers, and Q&As with wine by my side and my family pups sometimes make an appearance in my posts.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan that releases on April 6th! There were so many things to love about the book, but the Jewish representation not rooted in trauma was one of my favorite parts, as well as breaking down social expectations of women and having sex positive conversations!

    19. Keisha from @bookingforfun

    @bookingforfun / Via, Instagram: @bookingforfun

    About Me: I’m a southern girl and lover of chill vibes, photography, and books. Reading for me is a form of self-care, so I try to make time for it as often as possible.

    What Followers Can Expect: My bookstagram is a reflection of my mood every time I sit down with a good book. Give me a good book, a cozy blanket, and a little jazz music and I’m all set!

    A Recent Book I Loved: One book that I’ve read recently that has stuck with me is Early Departures. Early Departures by Justin A. Reynolds was an emotional roller coaster (to say the least!) I know that this book is listed as YA/teen fiction, but my goodness this book left me gutted, just a blubbering mess. The story takes the reader on a very emotional journey into how Jamal is faced with unimaginable decisions and grief while still trying to navigate life as a teenager.

    20. Anika from @chaptersofmay

    @chaptersofmay / Via,

    About Me: My name is Anika, and I live in a small town in northern England. You’ll usually find me with a camera in one hand, a book in the other, and a cup of tea brewing on the side. When I’m not posting on my blog, I’m a marketing and fundraising administrator for a local charity.

    What Followers Can Expect: You can expect plenty of honest book reviews, recommendations, and monthly reading roundups. There’s also 90% chance you’ll spot a cup of tea in my photos. I try to diversify my reading, and my favorite genres are contemporary, romance, and literary fiction. Plus, I’m a huge lover of all things cosy, and aim to live a slow and simple life, so expect plenty of flat lays and warm lifestyle shots on my page too.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson. It’s a beautifully tender and evocative debut exploring love, racism and masculinity in contemporary South East London. Caleb Azumah Nelson’s writing is full of soul. There’s a vulnerability to the way he has shaped the characters, despite the book being written is second person. It’s art-like, perfectly crafted, and more relevant than ever. Don’t wonder whether to pick this one up, just go for it.

    21. Jimalion from @itsabookishworld_

    @itsabookishworld_ / Via Instagram: @itsabookishworld_,

    About Me: My name is Jimalion (like a million but Ja-Million. My mom was drinking some major creative juice when she came up with that name.) Most people on the internet call me JP or Milly for short (if my future kids ever say I am not cool, I will refer to my time here on the internet). Born and raised in North Carolina, and I am a southern girl through and through. I like my chicken hot and my tea iced and sweet. I'm the true definition of a Libra, and most people on bookstagram will probably say that I am the world's biggest crier. I work in the field of Emergency Management, and fruit snacks are the best snacks — that's not up for debate.

    What Followers Can Expect: What followers can expect from my account is emotion. I frequently cry or passionately discuss my reactions to what I am currently watching and reading. I do live creations in the kitchen which mostly fail but there have been some good recipes and I haven't burned the house down yet. I created books and bonnets which is me in my most natural way, discussing recent reads that have left lasting impressions on me.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Hands down it has to be A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir. This series has surprised me in the best way possible, and it had me flipping out from the beginning. I have actually been putting off reading the final book because I am sure that Sabaa is going to rip my heart out, stomp on it, and evil laugh as I drown in my tears.

    22. Tatiana from @tatis.bookshelf

    http://@tatis.bookshelf / Via Instagram: @tatis.bookshelf,

    About Me: My name is Tatiana, I'm 26-years-old, and I'm from Delaware. I'm a textbook introvert who loves reading books, talking about books, and cuddling with my cat.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect honest book reviews and plenty of recommendations. I read a wide variety of books, but followers will see that I like to amplify stories written by authors from many different backgrounds. I hope to encourage others to diversify their reading.

    A Recent Book I Loved: One book that I enjoyed recently was Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall! I learned so much from this book and it's one that I reference often when discussing feminism and feminist issues. It's one that I would consider required reading for anyone that calls themselves a feminist. What Kendall manages to do in this book is introduce the reader to a wider scope of feminist issues. There are so many topics covered in this book that prior to reading I already knew were issues but had never particularly considered to be feminist issues. Kendall guides you as she exposes how varying societal problems (such as hunger, gun violence, housing inequality and more) should be viewed through a feminist framework.

    23. Jamie from @whatjamieread

    @whatjamieread / Via,

    About Me: I'm a twenty-something book lover from St. Louis, MO who lives for a good vanilla latte and an even better glass of wine. I started @whatjamieread as a place to talk about all things books including the books I’ve read, the books I want to read, and the books other people love too. The nicest thing you can say to me is "I'm going to read this book because of you!"

    What Followers Can Expect: I prioritize reading and showcasing books written by diverse authors. I believe there is a gap in publishing representation for BIPOC and LGBTQ stories, so I like to be someone readers can rely on to help them diversify their shelves. If you follow me you can expect a lot of discussions around representation and how important it is for us to see ourselves reflected in the books we read.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I just finished reading Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado. When I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it based off the cover alone. I mean, look at it. She’s gorgeous in every way. Too often I feel there is a stereotype that being overweight automatically equals being ugly and unstylish but that’s certainly not the case for me personally. Seeing a fat AND pretty girl on a cover of a YA novel is something I don’t think I’ve experienced much until now. Charlie is your average 16-year-old. She has pretty average teenage insecurities that are compounded by her mother’s obsession with her weight and her skinny best friend who she thinks represents perfection. Luckily my mom always supported me as I am, but I remember being an insecure teenager and feeling like I could never stack up to my skinny friends, especially in the eyes of boys. The dynamic between Charlie and Amelia felt so incredibly familiar to me that at certain parts I was wondering if Maldonado had stolen my high school diary. I don't read a TON of YA but this book was truly so fabulous, and I want everyone to read it as soon as possible!

    24. Esosa from @dreamingofbookpages

    @dreamingofbookpages / Via,

    About Me: My name is Esosa and I’m a Nigerian-Canadian based in Toronto. I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember — as a kid I devoured fictional mysteries (the Nancy Drew series and Famous Five series) and as a teen I was all about that young adult romance. When I’m not reading, I’m either binge watching the newest Netflix show, watching early 2000s rom-coms or classic Disney movies.

    What Followers Can Expect: I read and feature a wide genre of books on my account: memoirs, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, romance, fantasy, and more. I pretty much read everything except horror (sorry Stephen King fans!) I post cute, brightly lit bookish photos accompanied by thoughtful reviews and I’d occasionally throw in a smiling selfie every now and then :)

    A Recent Book I Loved: At the start of the year I read Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour and I can’t stop raving about it. It’s a fictional story about a young Black man trying to make it in the world of sales. Along the way he deals with a lot of workplace micro-aggressions and targeted racism; he makes some questionable decisions and kind of loses himself in the process. I was completely captivated by this story and was so dumbfounded by the end that I didn’t know how to feel. I love books that can evoke that kind of emotion, you know?

    25. Jen from @mrsboomreads

    @mrsboomreads / Via Instagram: @mrsboomreads,

    About Me: My name is Jen and I'm a lifelong reader, Little Free Library steward, mom of three young children, and retired clinical social worker. As a book juggler, I have three in progress at all times: physical, ebook, and audio. I started this account as a place to chat with other readers and it has grown into not only my favorite hobby, but a source of amazing friendships and connections with authors!

    What Followers Can Expect: My page features a wide range of books I love, along with a myriad of coffee mugs, houseplants, and overshares of my beloved bookshelves. In my stories, I continue to highlight books and also mix in lifestyle elements and some of my favorite places and adventures in and around NY's Hudson Valley.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Float Plan by Trish Doller and Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher. They both are complex romances, combined with loss, humor, and beautiful tropical locations. I love when books surprise me and tug at my emotions, and these stories did just that!

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