19 Of The Best BBQ Places In Texas That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

Put on your eatin’ pants.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community where we could find the best BBQ in Texas. Here are the finger-lickin’ good results.

1. Hard Eight BBQ in Roanoke

jycprk / Via

“All their meat is smoked and their sauce is the bomb! Plus you get free beans and delicious sweet tea.”

Submitted by eboering.

2. Black’s BBQ in Lockhart

paleochef / Via

“Best brisket ever.”

Submitted by laurac4bd88fd55.

3. Cooper’s Old Time Bar-B-Que Pit in Llano

sanantonioexplorer / Via

“Masterfully made straight from the pit. On your way to the check out, you can add all the fixins. They also have all the beans and BBQ sauce you need.”

Submitted by Brayden Kyle, Facebook.

4. Pecan Lodge in Dallas

breezylake / Via

“I could eat there every day.”

Submitted by lacieb47c153cf9.

5. Luling Bar-B-Q in Houston

aaronk0k / Via

“The chicken and a chopped beef sandwich with a Shiner is perfection.”

Submitted by Arianna Fatima Cook, Facebook.

6. Killens BBQ in Pearland

destinationbeershow / Via

“Totally worth the 90-minute wait and 40-minute drive each way just to eat there. Hands down the best BBQ I have ever eaten.”

Submitted by Allen Groue, Facebook.

7. Bodacious Bar-B-Que in Hallsville

wxcivcollections / Via

“Everything we’ve tried is excellent. The sauce alone is prize-worthy!”

Submitted by peggyb43fcf9a24.

8. Ten50 BBQ in Richardson

phileats_ / Via

“They have the BIGGEST beef ribs you could ever imagine, which is perfect because you know, everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Submitted by emsm89.

9. Peepsi’s BBQ in San Angelo

doc_rocks13 / Via

“DEFINITELY a stop for great AUTHENTIC Texas BBQ made by West Texans.”

Submitted by Kellye Duncan, Facebook.

10. Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar B-Q in Tyler

Scott M. / Via

“It’s incredible. I always beg to go back.”

Submitted by Skidzy.

11. Truth BBQ in Brenham

albertrs / Via

“It’s family-made — from the BBQ to the giant slices of cake.”

Submitted by Kevin Patrick, Facebook.

12. Riscky’s BBQ in Fort Worth

mayra_j_cruz / Via

“This place will change your life. The sauce is SO good.”

Submitted by rebeccal45007dfde.

13. Heim BBQ in Fort Worth

chrisyforbes / Via

“It’s life changing. Three words: burnt bacon ends!”

Submitted by brew4f6bc9fab.

14. Franklin Barbeque in Austin

thirdguy / Via

“Many critics have voted it the best BBQ not just in Texas, but in the United States.”

Submitted by Jenna Worrell, Facebook.

15. AJ’s Ranch Road Grill in San Marcos

tmoreland93 / Via

“They have amazing food for pretty cheap, and you definitely get your money’s worth.”

Submitted by Natalie Gaul, Facebook.

16. Schoepf’s Old Time Bar-B-Que in Belton

jajohnson77 / Via

“I would consider relocating just to have the brisket every day of my life.”

Submitted by Florsie Miranda, Facebook.

17. Rudy’s BBQ in Austin

jefflazaro / Via

“I’ve tried lots of places, but I always go back to Rudy’s!”

Submitted by elizabethh42239d5e2.

18. Carl’s Bar-B-Que in Cypress

glaser_m / Via

“It’s so pure and so excellent, you’ll think it’s their brisket personified (which is heavenly).”

Submitted by maggiem26.

19. Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood

swally_88 / Via

“It’s the best I’ve ever eaten.”

Submitted by katiep44d34ea9e.

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