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    This Is What It's Like Inside First Class, Business Class, And Economy Of "The World's Best Airline"

    Travel goals.

    If you travel a lot, you know that some airlines are nicer than others. Recently, I heard that Emirates Airlines had been named the best airline in the world by Condé Nast. I was like, WHY though? So, naturally, I began digging around on the internet to look at pictures. And, guys, it's BONKERS.

    First, I learned that this is what first class looks like. If you're ballin', you get a nice little pod, complete with cozy lamp lighting and a drawer for storage. It also comes with everything you need to get ready for bed, including moisturizer and eye cream.

    leraloyko / Via

    You also get TOTAL and COMPLETE privacy because the doors to your own personal pod close.

    Business Insider / Via


    And here's a nifty little video on how the transformation from seat to bed happens.

    Anyway, the bathrooms in first class come with a shower, but you have to reserve a time slot in order to take advantage of it. It's not a bad size for a plane shower, though!

    planes_trains_n_stuff / Via, Business Insider / Via

    The bathroom screams luxury. Look how nicely those towels are folded! Look at the array of hand products to choose from!

    Business Insider / Via

    Both first class and business class receive access to the Emirates bar and lounge. This area contains snacks, seating, and, of course, drinks.

    emiratescabincrewss / Via, missnikig / Via

    Let's talk about the food in first class. You get a tablecloth presentation that's complete with multiple course meals throughout the duration of your flight. And a very, very nice alcohol selection.

    sylte13 / Via, weknowhowtofly / Via

    I can't believe this spread is on a plane and not in a hotel room!!!!!

    weknowhowtofly / Via weknowhowtofly

    This is truly peak luxury for air travel.

    peteswinds / Via

    Now, moving on to business class. In my opinion, it's still just as nice as first class. You just don't get your own little privacy pod.

    svettur / Via, weltenseyahat / Via Instagram: @weltenseyahat

    You do, however, still get turndown service where you can lie completely flat!!!!

    luxuryepraizer / Via, Business Insider / Via

    Champagne? Yes. Leg room? Yes. Nice-ass headphones? YES.

    postcardstominnesota / Via, will.luxurytravel / Via

    Here's an example of a meal you'd receive in business class! It appears that you still get tablecloth service and multiple courses. I'm willing to bet it's just a different, slightly less expensive menu than first class.

    8dayssg / Via, i_stardex / Via

    Your tray table is huge!

    Business Insider / Via

    And you have your very own drink selection right at your fingertips.

    Business Insider / Via

    OK, last but not least: economy class. This section of the plane is laid out like most planes, except it's not as snug. You also get a pair of headphones in economy!

    Business Insider / Via, emiratescabincrew01 / Via

    The TV screens are super nice, and it looks like there's even a game controller in case you wanna play games to pass the time.

    williammok1257 / Via, travellerczech / Via

    And finally, here's what an economy class meal looks like. You don't get a tablecloth or multiple courses, but there's no denying that they feed you WELL.

    worldtravelerandfoodadventurer, yuki.kuishimbo / Via

    Anyway, that's Emirates!!!!! What luxury!!! What wealth!!! What a dream!!!!

    theluxurytraveller / Via

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