26 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Hit '00 Movie, "Saved!"

    Anne Hathaway was originally supposed to play the role of Hilary Faye.

    1. Anne Hathway was supposed to play the role of Hilary Faye, but when she dropped out the role was given to Mandy Moore.

    2. The film's director, Brian Dannelly, stated that they'd already cast Anne before seeing Mandy perform her role in A Walk To Remember, but if they'd cast later, he would have went to Mandy first.

    3. The exclamation point in Saved! was originally supposed to have a little cross on the dot, but they didn't want it in the movie poster.

    4. Dannelly hates that Saved! is written in a "heavy metal font" on the DVD.

    5. In the prom scene, Mandy Moore actually wanted her zit to be bigger. Dannelly had to tell her, "Alright, calm down!"

    6. In the original script, Hillary Faye is supposed to be touching herself as she watches Roland and Cassandra make-out in the car to show the audience that she is also human and has desires.

    7. "We shot it about 5,000 times originally. All it was supposed to be, is her hand kind of goes out of frame and down," Dannelly admitted. It was one of the first things to get cut.

    8. Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo had previously filmed a movie together: The Princess Diaries.

    9. American Eagle Christian high school doesn't actually exist in real life.

    10. After Jena Malone read the Saved! script, she knew she had to be part of it because she hadn't seen a lot of movies that dealt with teens questioning spiritual beliefs.

    11. Malone was doubtful when she heard Mandy Moore signed on since she was a pop star-turned-actress, but said she was incredible to work with and was always pushing herself to do better.

    12. A wheelchair was sent to Macaulay Culkin two to three months before they started filming so he could get a good feel for it.

    13. Culkin shadowed a wheelchair user before filming and asked what people typically get wrong in movies. (He was told wheelchair users must shift in the chair every ten minutes.)

    14. Malone was saved three times prior to filming to see what it was like.

    15. Originally, Patrick Fugit thought the script was "way over the top" — until he attended a youth rally.

    16. Malone was only 19 when she filmed this movie.

    17. Mandy Moore said she was glad to be part of something smart, subversive, and funny.

    18. When they were bored in their hotel, the cast would throw marshmallows over the balcony and try to hit cars.

    19. Mandy joined the film only three weeks before they started shooting.

    20. The whole movie was filmed in 28 days.

    21. Malone recalls "cracking up" when she read the first two pages of the script.

    22. When Macaulay Culkin first read the script, he said he knew he had to be part of it — even if it involved just doing lights or holding mics.

    23. Fugit recalls that Saved! was the most fun he's ever had on set with a cast.

    24. The character Patrick was originally written as a surfer named Ryan until Patrick Fugit told the director he was more of a skateboarding guy.

    25. Culkin actually went to a Catholic school first through fifth grade, and remembered that the very first test he ever cheated on was a Religion test.

    26. The entire cast assumed it would be a small, indie movie, but they were shocked to see how well it did after releasing at Sundance.