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    15 Times People Wrote Comedy Gold In The Form Of An Amazon Review

    "Toothbrush arrived without a brush head. Now I have a $70 vibrator."

    1. This husband's review of this spectacular maternity dress:

    The dress does it all! from humorousreviews

    2. This person's glowing and transformative review of a Swiss Army knife:

    Swiss Army Knife [x-post from r/funny] from humorousreviews

    3. This absolute cornball of a review:

    Review for a Stud Finder app from humorousreviews

    4. This person who may have slightly overshared:

    Not much more to say from humorousreviews

    5. This person who got a little creative with their review:

    These sponges are my friends from humorousreviews

    6. This person's intriguing review for soil:

    My fiancé was browsing the internet for bags of dirt and came across this review from humorousreviews

    7. This hilarious giant beach ball review:

    Runaway ball never coming back from humorousreviews

    8. This person's not-so-happy accident:

    One star, not what he expected from humorousreviews

    9. This wholesome salad dressing review:

    On Salad Dressing.... from humorousreviews

    10. This person's hilarious Roomba review:

    The review that sold me on getting a roomba from humorousreviews

    11. This person who got a little creative:

    ...Works Okay from humorousreviews

    12. This dad's hilarious review of these long johns:

    His sheath created priceless reactions at the mall from humorousreviews

    13. This person's fair warning:

    Spacebar not working from humorousreviews

    14. This cautionary tale of a review:

    Icy Hot from humorousreviews

    15. And finally, this person who wrote this on behalf of their kitty:

    Kitty confusion from humorousreviews

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