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    There's A Food Steamer On Amazon That Has Over 800 5-Star Reviews, So I Tried It Out

    Would cooking with a food steamer make my life easier?

    Hello people of the internet! My name is Farrah and while I enjoy cooking, I'm constantly looking for ways to speed up the process. Who has time to prep/cook a meal for two hours right after work? NOT ME!!! So when I spotted this food steamer on Amazon that had over 800 5-star reviews, I thought I'd give it a try.

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    One of the big benefits of food steamers is that you can cook certain foods without adding oil, butter, or cooking spray. You're also not boiling or frying the nutrients out of certain foods, especially vegetables.

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    Another reason I wanted to try this was because it literally was going to do the cooking for me. I could get home from work, put my meal in the steamer, and 30 or so minutes later I would (ideally) have a delicious, nutritious meal.


    The Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer is currently $22.16 on Amazon and claims to cook vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry while retaining nutrients and eliminating the need for cooking oils. So what did I try and cook first? FISH 'N' VEGGIES!!!!

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    I left both the fish and vegetables in the steamer for 30 minutes while I took a shower. When I got back, I realized 30 minutes was actually WAY too long. I was left with soggy, soft veggies that looked a little...sad. I tried again for 15 minutes and had vibrant-looking vegetables that still had a bit of crunch to them.

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    The picture on the left is my soggy veggies and the pic on the right is the ones that weren't cooked long enough for my liking.

    I thought the vegetables tasted just OK. Yes, they tasted healthy, but they also lacked flavor? Maybe the unhealthy side of me wanted a hint of butter, even though I know that's not the healthiest way to eat veggies.


    The Alaskan cod I'd purchased steamed pretty well! I probably could have cut back on time and steamed it for 20 minutes instead of 30. I was learning that playing with the steamer time was kind of like science — different foods required different steaming times.

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    Overall, steaming fish was pretty good. It's not as tasty as when you cook it in oil or bake it, but it's easy to use certain seasonings to punch up the flavor.


    So, for whatever reason, I THOUGHT I had read a review where someone tried cooking rice in this steamer. So what did I do? I TRIED TO COOK SOME GODDAMN RICE IN THIS THING. Do you know how long I tried to steam it for? AN HOUR. AND. A HALF.

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    Long story short: You cannot steam rice in this steamer. Or any steamer, probably. But definitely not this one. Don't make my mistake.


    The final thing I tried making in my steamer was potatoes! I was curious to see if this was easier/faster than boiling potatoes, and what I learned is that you gotta have some good arm strength to cut through a raw potato. The second thing I learned is that it takes kind of a long time for potatoes to steam. I kept it on for an hour, which seemed a bit excessive.

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    The end result for my sweet potatoes? They were pretty good! I'm not sure if it was worth how long they were in there for, but the texture/taste was perfectly fine.


    Overall, I liked that the steamer did all the work for me. The downside was that some things took way longer to cook than I originally expected. Also, you're going to need to play around with the timer with different foods before perfecting it! But it is a very good option for those wanting to cut out oils and butters for their meals.

    Get the Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer from Amazon for $22.16.