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    If You Love Books And Can Get Through These 14 Photos Without Cringing, You’re Stronger Than Me

    Pour one out for all the lost books.

    1. When true disaster strikes:

    2. When it's gone beyond repair:

    3. And when you think you've found the culprit:

    4. When you try and figure out what went wrong:

    5. When you get sad for all the books sacrificed for the sake of art:

    6. Especially an ENTIRE book:

    7. When the spine of your brand new book cracks:

    8. And when it's literally tearing apart at the seams:

    9. When you find out someone has been dog-earring:

    10. Or worse, when someone has plainly mishandled a book:

    11. When spillage happens:

    12. And when water damage hits:

    13. When it's literally been torn apart:

    14. And when you honestly just can't stay mad: