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    20 Satisfying And Aesthetically Pleasing App Icon Themes For Your iPhone

    So many pretty themes.

    1. This cute fall aesthetic theme that'll give you all the autumn vibes:

    2. This soothing beachy aesthetic that'll fill you with calmness every time you check the time:

    3. This adorable cottagecore theme that'll put you in a real fall mood:

    4. This green gradient theme that'll make you want to get lost in a whimsical forest:

    green gradient icons

    5. This simple yet sophisticated beige theme for a super-uniform aesthetic:

    nude gradient icons

    6. These gorgeous neutral icons that have such a dreamy palette:

    7. This powerful purple neon theme that gives me big Euphoria vibes:

    8. This beautiful dusty-pink aesthetic:

    9. These super-cute doodle icons that'll brighten your day:

    10. This calming blue gradient that will make you want to sip a margarita on the beach:

    11. These wild leopard-print icons that'll really make your phone pop:

    12. This all-black theme that will bring joy to even the darkest of souls:

    13. This orange theme that really lets the spooky season jump out:

    orange halloween icons

    14. This relaxing water theme that'll make you wanna dive into a luxurious pool:

    15. These rainbow icons that will make your screen bold and beautiful:

    16. This pretty theme that has a neutral desert vibe:

    17. This creative neon theme:

    18. This perky pinky nude theme that's pretty perfect:

    dusty pink gradient icons

    19. This vibrant teal theme that makes a big statement:

    20. And finally, this simple sandy theme aesthetic:

    neutral icons