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    15 Moving Photos That Showcase How Hard Nurses Are Working Right Now

    It's National Nurses Day. Tell a nurse in your life that you appreciate them.

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    Dear nurses, your hard work during the time of a global pandemic hasn't gone unnoticed.

    Rohan Thomson / Getty Images

    The nurse above tested a patient at a drive-thru testing center for COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — in Canberra, Australia.

    You've shown up for those who are not only unwell, but who are also fearful of what's happening in the world.

    David Ramos / Getty Images

    Doctor Lluisa Calvet and nurse Oscar Barba are dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE) to tend to Dolores Solera during a domiciliary visit near Barcelona, Spain.

    You've shown kindness and patience to those who need it while barely getting any time for breaks during shifts.

    Robyn Beck / Getty Images

    Nurse practitioner Alexander Panis took a nasal swab sample to test Jose Vatres's son, Aidin, for COVID-19 at a mobile testing station in a public school parking area in Compton, California.

    While we've stayed home to social distance, you've fought effortlessly, not always witnessing the best-case scenarios.

    Alvaro Calvo / Getty Images

    This nurse was waiting at the door of a residence for patients with COVID-19 transferred by Spanish Red Cross volunteers.

    You've worked through the most unpleasant situations, which undoubtably can take a toll on your mental health, and yet you still show up.

    John Moore / Getty Images

    The nurses above helped tend to a COVID-19 patient in a Stamford Hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

    Right now, you've gone above and beyond what your job requires of you in order to make sure the spreading of COVID-19 is minimized.

    Julio Cesar Aguilar / Getty Images

    Members of the Red Cross, nurses, and workers from the cement company CEMEX sanitized the Red Cross Hospital's ambulance area in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    You've sacrificed your time with loved ones to help those you've never met.

    Tony Karumba / Getty Images

    The laboratory staff above obtained a sample from a resident nurse to test her for COVID-19 at the Nairobi West Hospital.

    And you've gone to great lengths to be there for others who depend on you.

    Yamil Lage / Getty Images

    Cuban nurse Leyanis Landaburo and medical student Darlyn de la Caridad checked locals, looking for possible cases of COVID-19 in Zaragoza, Mayabeque province, Cuba.

    You keep your patients sustained and nourished.

    John Moore / Getty Images

    Resource nurse Susan Wilson gave a meal to COVID-19 patient and Guatemalan asylum seeker Zully at a Stamford Hospital ICU in Stamford, Connecticut.

    And you do everything you can to keep the world as healthy as can be right now.

    Mladen Antonov / Getty Images

    The nurse above checked the temperature of a woman as a preventive measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus outside the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Bangkok.

    You're resilient.

    Pascal Pochard-casabianca / Getty Images

    The above nurse is at work in the COVID-19 area in the Eugenie Hospital in Ajaccio on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.

    And diligent.

    Jonathan Nackstrand / Getty Images

    The nurse above wore personal protective equipment (PPE) in a tent on the grounds of the Sophiahemmet private hospital to perform tests on a patient to see if she had symptoms of COVID-19.

    You persevere.

    Ronaldo Schemidt / Getty Images

    An elderly patient, who was allegedly infected with the coronavirus, was taken from a nursing home to an ambulance of the Emergency Medical Care Service in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    And you do so without complaint.

    Yuri Kadobnov / Getty Images

    A nurse posed with mask marks visible on her face after a shift helping coronavirus patients in Moscow.

    We can't properly express just how much your work and daily actions mean to us, but we can say this: Thank you.

    Alvaro Calvo / Getty Images

    Miriam and Isabel, two government nurses, hug after conducting coronavirus tests on care workers who will replace the confined staff members in the gardens of the nursing home in Grañen, Huesca, Spain.

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