A Mega-Viral TikTok Claims Guys Get Boners When They Poop, So We Got To The Bottom Of It

    "Wait till girls find out guys get [boners] when they poop."

    The other day I stumbled upon this mega-viral TikTok that contained some very interesting information.


    well now u guys know🙄🙄🙄🙄

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    The clip shows a guy reacting to the text: "Wait till girls find out that guys get [boners] when they poop." (That's it, that's the TikTok.)

    Guy smiling and giving a thumbs up

    Anyway, this was basically my reaction after watching it:

    Still of a woman with a confused look on her face with the caption, "...what?"

    The comment section also seemed to be very confused and unsure what to do with this information.

    One person in the comment section says, "POV: me exiting the app to text my bf and ask if this is true"

    After I saw another TikTok of a man essentially saying it has happened to him, I decided to seek answers.

    I reached out to Dr. Jennifer Berman, who specializes in sexual health, urology, and gynecology, in attempt to get to the ~bottom~ of this.

    Cartoon poop

    "It's not typical, but it can happen," Dr. Berman explained. "It could be caused by increased pelvic floor contraction during vasalva, which means the guy contracts his pelvic floor or kegel muscles that could cause an erection. However, there is no physiological explanation for erections and defecation to happen simultaneously. Straining down can cause hemorrhoids and vascular engorgement and trapping of blood in the penis, but it's not typical for erections to happen spontaneously during defacation."

    Cartoon guy on toilet

    There you have it, friends. It's not common, but not impossible either. The more you know!