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    17 Really Great Pieces Of Advice For Anyone With A Vagina, According To A Gynecologist

    "Is it possible to masturbate too much?"

    BuzzFeed recently spoke to Dr. Jennifer Lincoln to get answers for some very specific sex and vagina questions that you might have been too afraid to ask. Here's all of her thoughtful responses!

    1. "How do you shave down there without getting razor burns?" —ellabarz

    2. "Why do I get cramps after my period?" —nickolaf

    3. "My vagina is puffy. I don't know how to explain it, but I get super uncomfortable wearing bikini bottoms because when I lay down my vag doesn’t lay flat, it kinda has a hump and looks almost like a bulge. Is this normal? Is it something with my pelvis bone or something?" —aliothgreen

    4. "Is it normal to get blood-colored discharge when you're not on your period?" —gabsfever

    5. "I am unable to orgasm with my partner or by myself. It’s something I’m very insecure about. I’ve tried everything! Is it possible that I am just not physically able to do it?" —ineedalife1234

    6. "If someone with a vagina masturbated once a day (or often enough), would they still need to do pelvic floor exercises/Kegels?" —anonymous_waves

    7. "My vaginal canal is really tight (I have not had penetrative sex yet) and can't fit more than a tampon or one finger without being painful. Is this something that changes once I've had penetrative sex, or is there something wrong with me?" —grr469

    8. "I'm 53 years old and in the beginning stages of menopause. My periods are very irregular. I'm not currently sexually active and my last boyfriend had a vasectomy, so getting pregnant wasn't an issue. I'm attempting to get back into the dating world, but now I'm afraid of getting pregnant. Condoms tend to cause irritation after sex. What are my options?" —susancummingst

    9. "Sex is still painful even though I gave birth over a year ago. Is this normal?" —e4bd5571d6

    10. "Why am I always wet for no reason?" —sophia_erin

    11. "I got an IUD a year and a half ago. I love that I don't get periods or cramps, but the one downside is that I feel like I am losing my mind. Mood swings, irrational anger, no motivation for anything, no sex drive. My IUD was expensive and took three appointments to get. Is it really affecting my mood? Is it bad I want it out?" —KerriMitchum

    12. "What are these huge pimples down there and why won't they go away?" —haleym8

    13. "Is it OK for my skin to be so dark down there? —haleym8

    14. "Why can't I still find my G-spot?" —haleym8

    15. "I'm 13, when should I start to go to the OB/GYN?? My mom says when I become sexually active, but that can't be true for everyone." —CholeR

    16. "Can using a vibrator too often decrease sensitivity?" — lexieee

    17. "It takes A LOT for me to get wet down there, so my partner and I keep the lube handy. I didn't used to be this chronically dry during arousal, and it all started rather abruptly about a year ago, this normal? My gynecologist keeps brushing off the problem." —e4bd5571d6