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    Please Don't Do These 9 Things In Public Right Now, But Here Are 9 Things You Should Do

    Things are changing rapidly, but you can still be a good human being!

    1. Don't raise your voice, scream, or yell at anyone:

    This woman (holding her phone WITH gloves on) just shouted at me bc I tried bringing my reusable shopping bags into the store... keep in mind I refuse to let anyone bag my own groceries in general & I just🥴—

    2. DO give out compliments and kindness:

    I hated doing it, but I had to run to the store. At the register, the cashier said she liked my nails... I'm just gonna live off that compliment for the rest of the day, I think. It's the little things.

    3. Don't go out without some type of face covering:

    I was at the store today.... and this lady walks past me.... no gloves or mask, whatever that’s her choice I guess.... but she was wearing FLIP FLOPS. and outside it was RAINING!!! is this woman OKAY?!?!

    4. DO wear protection:

    I done seen it all. Dude I used to work with at HEB warehouse was at the store today and posted this on FB of a guy shopping at the store wearing a shark suit. That’s next level COVID-19 protection.

    5. Don't remove your face mask in public:

    @koleross Was at the store and this woman kept pulling her mask down every time she wanted to talk to deli guy

    6. DO wash your hands after you've been out in public:

    Dad comes home and gives me a banana. A few minutes later he realizes he didn’t wash his hands and screams “DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE” while frantically running to my room with rubbing alcohol to pour on my hands.

    7. Don't go out if you know you're feeling under the weather:

    Today I was at the store this man had a coughing fit. It was so loud the whole store got quiet you could feel the fear in the air lol

    8. DO be empathetic:

    Me at the store: this is nuts. Guy stocking: yep. Me: I guess I don’t need to tell you. Guy: *heavy sigh* it’s just nice to hear someone else say it.

    9. Don't break the 6-feet rule:

    I swear people erk me. I’m at the store and this woman is on my butt while I’m in line. Chill.

    10. DO follow the rules and stand 6 feet apart:

    Just standing in line at the dispensary waiting patiently while standing 6 feet apart.

    11. Don't touch your face, eyes, or nostrils:

    @RolyUnGashaa I was at the store today and this woman had gloves on and touched the floor while getting an item from the bottom shelf, and then TOUCHED HER FACE 😬 with or without a virus, touching your face after a dirty store floor is nasty

    12. DO give what you can because of shortages:

    My og neighbor walks up to me while I’m unloading my groceries and asks which store did I go to for the toilet tissue cuz it’s always sold out when she goes.. 🥺🥺 I gave her a pack since I bought two 😢😢😢😢

    13. Don't intentionally invade space...and don't be creepy:

    I went to the store and the nerve of this group of guys to get all up in my fucking space to look at my sister and me

    14. DO make someone's day if you are able to:

    This random man at the store just gave me a compliment, bought my snacks and left without asking for my number... you love to see it 😊

    15. Don't follow your own rules:

    Just saw 3 dudes standing 6 feet apart in a perfect socially distanced triangle.... passing a joint between them. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙃

    16. DO pay it forward if you can:

    My fiancé and I were at the store. The woman in front of us’ card got declined & she went out to her car to get cash. Jenna waited in line because I forgot something. I came back and watched my fiancé pay for this strangers stuff. I’ve got the best of the best. #payitforward

    17. Don't sneeze or cough without covering your mouth:

    This guy in 7-11 was coughing uncontrollably & didn’t have the decency to cover his mouth. What is wrong with people man 🤬

    18. Finally, DO practice selflessness:

    I went to the store to get a prescription and had to wait. So I wandered. Bought flowers to cheer me up. When I got out of the car I walked to my neighbour’s and gave them to her. She was so happy said it brightened her day. During this time do something selfless for someone

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