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28 Barbies From The ‘90s Every Kid Remembers Playing With

Barbie Dream House was Barbie goals.

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4. You never had overalls as badass as Cool Blue Barbie, but you wished you did.

You also wished your parents would let you put blue in your hair.

6. And playing with Shaving Fun Ken made you believe that shaving was more fun than it actually is.

16. Your Workin' Out Barbie was the literal jam because it came with a badass cassette tape that you played over and over.

17. And you lost it when you discovered Barbie's ligaments became more flexible because the '90s was THE FUTURE.

19. ...and Earring Magic Barbie taught you how to accessorize like a BOSS.

28. And who could forget playing with the mecca of all things Barbie: THE ULTIMATE BARBIE DREAM HOUSE.

It really WAS what dreams were made of.


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