28 Barbies From The ‘90s Every Kid Remembers Playing With

    Barbie Dream House was Barbie goals.

    1. You remember playing with this colorful Troll Barbie that made you wish you could have sweet-ass leggings like hers.

    2. And was it even the '90s if you didn't glitter gel the shit out of your Barbie's hair???

    3. Plus you got this fucking awesome tape for LITERALLY A PENNY when you bought the doll, and you remember watching it over and over while dreaming about Epcot.

    4. You never had overalls as badass as Cool Blue Barbie, but you wished you did.

    You also wished your parents would let you put blue in your hair.

    5. You also remember playing with Caboodles Barbie that came with — what else — but MORE GLITTER.

    6. And playing with Shaving Fun Ken made you believe that shaving was more fun than it actually is.

    7. You went crazy over Sun Jewel Barbie that came with those 3D jewel stickers that were the ~coolest thing~ ever.

    8. And Bubble Angel Barbie with literal bubble wings was the most ingenious invention you'd ever heard of.

    9. Graceful Tea Party Barbie was everything you aspired to be.

    10. And your Birthday Barbie was absolutely ~dress goals~ for your own birthday extravaganza.

    11. You were obsessed with your Teacher Barbie...

    12. ...and you were completely WOWed when they came out with a Barbie that wasn't made of hard, unforgiving plastic.

    13. You'd run over to your friend's house after school because they always had the most LEGIT Barbie accessories.

    14. Disney Barbies were the ultimate must-have, like this beyond adorable 101 Dalmatians Barbie with her matching cotton skirt.

    15. And your life-sized Barbie was everything you imagined it would be.

    16. Your Workin' Out Barbie was the literal jam because it came with a badass cassette tape that you played over and over.

    17. And you lost it when you discovered Barbie's ligaments became more flexible because the '90s was THE FUTURE.

    18. You played with Bath Blast Barbie until the water ran cold...

    19. ...and Earring Magic Barbie taught you how to accessorize like a BOSS.

    20. But Totally Hair Barbie was WHERE IT WAS AT.

    21. The '90s was a time when Barbie could literally do anything, like work in retail...

    22. ...or become a doctor because seriously fuck retail.

    23. Barbie was also a fantastic dentist...

    24. ...and a vet, just to have all the medical fields covered.

    25. Barbie even made a SUPER FLY pilot.

    26. And your Olympic Skater Barbie and Ken were real relationship goals.

    27. But your Barbie was also ~super down to earth~ with her furry BFF, Ginger.

    28. And who could forget playing with the mecca of all things Barbie: THE ULTIMATE BARBIE DREAM HOUSE.

    It really WAS what dreams were made of.