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26 Celebrities Who Had A Truly Wonderful Christmas

Trees, presents, and shirtless selfies.

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1. Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Luna had a very merry desert Christmas.

@chrissyteigen / Via

2. Joe Jonas celebrated with his precious niece...

@joejonas / Via

3. ...and Uncle Nick Jonas also swooped in for some bonding time.

@nickjonas / Via

4. Vanessa Hudgens took a sweet photo by her tree.

@vanessahudgens / Via

5. The Cyrus family reunited for some holiday spirit.

@mileycyrus / Via

6. And Liam Hemsworth showed off a very flashy sweater.

Instagram: @liamhemsworth

7. Chris Hemsworth hanged ten on Christmas.

@chrishemsworth / Via

8. Kim Kardashian posted her family Christmas card (minus Kylie Jenner).

@kimkardashian / Via

9. And Khloe Kardashian brought some holiday cheer by showing off her baby bump.

@khloekardashian / Via

10. Laverne Cox gave a Christmas shout out to her hardworking team.

@lavernecox / Via

11. And brand new mother Mindy Kaling sent out this very adorable Flintstones tweet wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Love from Los Angeles. ❤️

12. Kevin Hart was all smiles as he spent Christmas with his family.

kevinhart4real / Via

13. Ashley Tisdale shared some 6 a.m. Christmas cheer.

@ashleytisdale / Via

14. The Rock gave Christmas well wishes by sharing this adorable photo.

@therock / Via

15. And Vin Diesel had a thoughtful Christmas message to share with his followers.

Instagram: @vindiesel

16. Lea Michele had a cozy Christmas by a warm fire.

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️✨🎄

17. Lucy Hale continued her family tradition in matching outfits.

@lucyhale / Via

18. Kris Jenner shared her Christmas surprise: an electric car!

@krisjenner / Via

19. Ryan Phillippe wasn't shy about showing off in the soft snowfall.

@ryanphillippe / Via

20. And neither was Ludacris, who enjoyed some Christmas pool time.

@ludacris / Via

21. Zac Efron also blessed us with a shirtless Christmas photo.

@zacefron / Via

22. Gabrielle Union had a white Christmas decked out in red.

@gabunion / Via

23. Reese Witherspoon shared a joyful photo full of family.

@reesewitherspoon / Via

24. Bella Hadid reminisced over past Christmas memories with this throwback photo.

@bellahadid / Via

25. Rita Ora shared a video of her performing for the Obamas on Christmas.

Instagram: @ritaora

26. And finally, Samira Wiley shared this adorable photo of her and her wife, Lauren Morelli, in matching Christmas pajamas.

@whododatlikedat / Via

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