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21 Things You Should Never Do At McDonald’s

They're not lovin' it.

1. Get angry over nice gestures.

Twitter: @Tayler_Deary

A thank you would be nice.

2. Order a shit ton of food just before closing time.

3. Not know WTF you ordered.

4. Contemplate life while sitting in the drive-thru.

5. Request an ungodly number of items.

6. Fail to use your common sense.

7. Disrespect drive-thru workers with your loud-ass vehicle.

8. Expect ice cream to substitute a drink.

Twitter: @NA_AnnieLOL


9. Present change at the last second.

10. Treat the drive-thru like a Dumpster.

Twitter: @insaniac32

Don't think our job description says we'll also clean your car.

11. Expect things you didn't ask for.

12. Have your children take a million years to order for themselves.

Parents that let toddlers order their own food and you're just standing there like #mcdonaldsproblems

Especially when there's a long line.

13. Not understand the meaning of "cash only."

14. Order a size that literally doesn't exist.

15. Throw a fit when asked to wait.

Twitter: @jesslogan_17

We have other customers to get to.

16. Interrupt them during work hours.

17. Play a super cruel and unnecessary April Fool’s joke.

Twitter: @iLLMind_Krystal


18. Watch your order be packed, then ask for it for here.

19. Hit on them.

@mack_edwards22 / Via

Just no.

20. Not speak up in the drive-thru.

21. Finally, give a nonsensical response.

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