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    21 Things That'll Make Today's Teens Go "WTF Is That?"

    Ah, the good old days.

    1. Those Snap Hands that collected a SHITLOAD of hair and dust after playing with them after a few minutes.

    2. The puzzles and games that used to come on the McDonald's trays and figuring them out before your french fry grease leaked all over.

    3. This beautiful place that was better than Chuck E. Cheese's, and the rolling slide that was incredibly fun even if it wasn't super comfortable.

    4. The Purple People Eater movie that you've totally seen but forgot all about until right this second.

    5. This particular bookstore and all its branding before it was merged with Borders.

    6. This very specific male voiceover from The Emergency Broadcast System test.

    7. This particular design of scratch 'n sniff stickers.

    8. The throwback design of Fun Dip's packaging.

    9. These Pocket Critters that were fun to play with for about 2.5 seconds.

    10. This Space Jam plateware that you could (and DID) purchase from McDonald’s because Space Jam was the shit.

    11. The Muppet Babies show and the fact that you still know every word of the theme song by heart.

    12. Four words: MINUTE MAID ORANGE SODA.

    13. This particular Fisher Price cash register and how it'd distribute plastic coins.

    14. All the R.L. Stine Fear Street books and how each and every one would send chills down your spine.

    15. The Madeline cartoon TV show and how freakin' catchy the opening song was.

    You definitely remember the theme song. ♫ I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline!

    16. These tins of Ouch! Bubble Gum that were full of Band-Aid gum wrappers and super soft bubble gum.

    17. This Fisher Price Action Garage and how you'd spend hours playing with the cars.

    Honestly, how were we so entertained with parking in a garage as kids?

    18. These very specific pencil holders by Spacemaker that came in a variety of colors.

    19. The show The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth that was...kinda weird, actually.

    20. This surprising, yet really fun, game that you probably forgot all about.

    21. And finally, these Disney-brand singalong tapes that you'd play over and over and over until each tune became a permanent earworm.

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