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Updated on Nov 2, 2019. Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Reddit Users Suggested Songs Of The 2010s That Will Be Classics In 20 Years And There Are Tons Of Bops

Get ready for some throwbacks.

On reddit, user PharmacologicalFog asked what songs throughout the 2010s are likely to be considered a classic in 2030. Here are some of the most popular suggestions.

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1. "Rolling in the Deep" — Adele

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Why it'll be a classic: In a few months, this song will be 10 years old. Adele's incredible vocals will go down in history, but "Rolling in the Deep" has the sounds of a classic. It's pop. It's a little bit doo-wop. And, most of all, it's hard *not* to sing along.

2. "Take Me To Church" — Hozier

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"Take me to church is definitely going to be a classic." —Masa94

Why it'll be a classic: This song blew up in 2014 and if you remember, it felt like you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing it. It's a fantastic hit. The build-up to the powerful chorus is nothing short of epic, and both the video and lyrics will make you feel your feelings. It's hard to argue that it won't wind up becoming a classic.

3. "Wake Me Up" — Avicii

UMG / Via

"'Wake Me Up' is going to be playing at every party, forever." —JanGuillosThrowaway

Why it'll be a classic: Though a legend was lost, this song will continue to live on. The energy behind this song makes it feel-good and danceable, and the vocals amp everything up to 100. It will certainly be a hit for decades.

4. "Shut Up And Dance" — Walk The Moon

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"'Shut Up and Dance' by Walk the Moon will be played at every wedding for the rest of eternity, and in my opinion that makes it a classic." —listerinebreath

Why it'll be a classic: Yes, this does have the lyrics and perfectly upbeat tempo to become a widely popular song to play at weddings. That's probably why it'll live on to become a classic. It's extremely catchy. Once it's stuck in your head, it's hard to shake.

5. "All Of Me" — John Legend

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Why it'll be a classic: Not only is this song widely popular, but it's also very romantic. It makes a great wedding song. The piano is simplistic but moving, giving room for John's confident vocals. It became huge in 2013, but arguably will still be well-played in 2033.

6. "Power" — Kanye West

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Why it'll be a classic: It's kind of hard to believe that this song is also almost 10 years old, but we agree that it might just become better with age. It certainly has the power to make you feel like a badass every time it comes on.

7. "Born This Way" — Lady Gaga

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"'Born This Way' is a gay anthem for the centuries." —MarsNirgal

Why it'll be a classic: Gaga's "love yourself" lyrics and pro-LGBTQ message combined with this upbeat dance anthem are nothing short of iconic. It's a song that demands to be played loud and sung with gusto. Many of Gaga's songs will be classics, but this might be No. 1.

8. "Mr. Saxobeat" — Alexandra Stan

SC Mediapro Music / Via


Why it'll be a classic: I'm pretty sure this was THE party song of 2011. The sax in the beginning is playful, but the entire song is fun, bouncy, and super catchy. It's one of those songs that'll play at clubs in 2030 to successfully get people dancing.

9. "Despacito" — Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

UMG / Via

"'Despacito' will still be shaking asses in 2050, much less 2030." — PhillipLlerenas

Why it'll be a classic: This was the first video to hit three billion views on YouTube. With smooth vocals and catchy, pop hooks, it's 100% legendary, to say the least.

10. "Some Nights" — Fun

WMG / Via

"I recently started listing to the whole Some Nights album, and damn it's awesome. I love it so much! —Timmerito

Why it'll be a classic: Fun really took over in the early part of the 2010s. This anthem is likely to stick around. With the build up of the drums, the wailing guitar, and layered vocals, it's hard not to turn it up and sing along.

11. "Hold Up" — Beyoncé

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Why it'll be a classic: The entire Lemonade album is art, but "Hold Up" — both the song and video — was an iconic pop culture moment in 2016. Picking a Beyoncé song that will go down as a classic feels like an impossible task, but this one might be it.

12. "Ho Hey" — The Lumineers

Dualtone Music Group / Via


Why it'll be a classic: This gentle indie-folk song blew up in 2012 but continues to be played to this day. Its wholesome lyrics make it a perfect, romantic song. There's no doubt we'll continue hearing it for another 20 years.

13. "Get Lucky" — Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

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"This song was everywhere for a while, and it's sufficiently unique and catchy enough to be remembered." —what_ok

Why it'll be a classic: With its funky, pop sound and gentle vocals, "Get Lucky" really brings it. This song was huge in 2013, but it's so feel-good that you can't help but jam to it every time it's on.

14. "Chocolate" — The 1975

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Why it'll be a classic: Is it a coincidence that so many of these might-be-classic selections have a music video in black and white? The entire song is bouncy, catchy, and upbeat, but it has a bit of a softness to it as well.

15. "Firework" — Katy Perry

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Why it'll be a classic: "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" people will still ask in 2030. Katy had a ton of bops on this album, but "Firework" absolutely feels iconic.

16. "Perfect" — Ed Sheeran

WMG / Via

"Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' will be played at weddings around the world for many, many years to come." —baymax18

Why it'll be a classic: Romantic wedding songs really have the advantage here, but Ed Sheeran's soft melody and sincere lyrics really makes this song feel timeless.

17. "We Found Love" — Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

Def Jam Recordings / Via


Why it'll be a classic: There are so many excellent Rihanna songs, but the dance vibes and build ups of this song combined with Rihanna's moving vocals are solid. It's hard to imagine that this song won't live on.

18. "Run Away With Me" — Carly Rae Jepsen

Interscope Records / Via


Why it'll be a classic: How can you not get chills when that sax comes on in the very beginning? Also, THAT BRIDGE. Even though it wasn't as big as "Call Me Maybe," this one just *feels* like it'll live on as a classic.

19. "Closer" — Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

SME / Via

"That song really brings you to a certain place emotionally." —BadTripAdvisorReview

Why it'll be a classic: This song has a unique way of going from playing soft and sad piano chords to switching right into a catchy, bubbly beat. While this blew up in 2016, it's easy to argue that we'll still hear this ear worm in 2030.

20. "Style" — Taylor Swift

UMG / Via


Why it'll be a classic: Taylor Swift has had quite the decade, starting with Speak Now and ending with Lover. You can argue for days over what song will take the No. 1 spot as a classic hit, but "Style" feels right.

21. "Can't Feel My Face" — The Weeknd

UMG / Via


Why it'll be a classic: This song REALLY smashed. It currently has over 1 billion hits on YouTube. There are a many reasons why it's such a likable song, like its '80s vibes and smooth vocals. We look forward to jamming this in 2030.

22. "Hotline Bling" — Drake

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Why it'll be a classic: "Hotline Bling" was EVERYWHERE, and it really delivers. You can absolutely still picture people grooving to this in 20 years.

23. "Sail" — AWOLNATION

Red Bull Records / Via

"Dude comes in near the early 2010s, drops one legendary track that sells a million Go Pros, and then completely disappears from pop culture. But that's still legendary." —lololol1

Why it'll be a classic: This is such a weirdly good song that has both a dark and light side to it. We really can't explain why, but we know it'll continue to be timeless.

24. "Little Talks" — Of Monsters and Men

UMG / Via


Why it'll be a classic: This song was really big at the beginning of the 2010s, and somehow it'll continue to be influential. The unique vocals and fun use of the horn help make it an instant ear worm.

25. "Hymn for the Weekend" — Coldplay

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Why it'll be a classic: Coldplay is one of those bands that already feels timeless, but "Hymn For The Weekend" is atmospheric and uplifting in all the best ways. Years from now, people will still play it.

26. "Happy" — Pharrell Williams

Warner Chappell / Via

"I heard that song more times in one month than I should have in my whole life." —JoJoJo121

Why it'll be a classic: This is one of those songs that's fun for the whole family, you know? Super wholesome. It makes you...happy. Anyway, it has potential to carry on into the next few decades, and we definitely welcome it.

27. "Redbone" — Childish Gambino

Donald Glover / Via

"I feel like Childish Gambino’s 'Redbone' is overlooked as a classic." —oDaum

Why it'll be a classic: This song is slow and funky, but ultimately very catchy. Everything about it is a good vibe, which is why we think it'll be a classic.

28. "Shake It Out" — Florence + The Machine

UMG / Via


Why it'll be a classic: Honestly, this song is atmospheric and inspiring and epic. You simply can't disagree. It really feels like it's going to be played well into the 2050s.

If you've made it this far, you might be in search of a playlist. Don't worry. I've got you covered:

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