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We Know What Your Dominant Outer And Inner Qualities Are, Even If You Don't

A quiz has never been more accurate than this.

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  1. How does this image make you feel?

  2. What color would you say is your usual vibe?

  3. Using the scale below, select how often you tend to put your needs before others:

  4. Out of all of these places, where do you see yourself living?

  5. Which word did you spot first?

  6. How does this image make you feel?

  7. Which one of these unique traits do you possess?

  8. What is the most common thing people tend to get wrong about you?

  9. How do you sleep?

  10. What is your most common dream?

  11. Look at your nails and pick the type that is closest to yours:

  12. Which hand is your dominate hand?

  13. At first glance, what time of day do you think this picture portrays?

  14. Choose the image that matches the closest to your eyebrows:

  15. What ONE word would you use to describe this cat?

    Getty Images
  16. Do you find yourself worrying or getting anxious often?

  17. Select the face shape that closely matches your own:

  18. What's the most important quality in a partner?

  19. Finish the following statement accurately:
    I am ________.

  20. Finally, choose a home.

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