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    19 Photos That’ll Make You LOL If You Grew Up A Dancer

    I owned 30 dozen bobby pins, so why do I only have two left?

    1. When you're attempting to learn a new combination but get lost after the first count:

    dondondadancer / Via

    2. When you look at the photos your friends took during your performance and see the unavoidable:

    _theartofdancing_ / Via

    3. When people assume your dance bag is so big because of all your costumes and rehearsal clothes but really it's much, much more than that:

    laughing_ballerinas / Via

    4. And you carry a whole other bag JUST for your makeup:

    shanisrad / Via

    5. When you try to take a jump shot to post on your socials but jump right out of the frame:

    Cianna Penn for BuzzFeed

    6. When you've come to accept that there really is no flattering leotard in existence:

    7. And when you're consistently getting in trouble with your coach for watching yourself and losing spatial awareness:

    8. But you know exactly what you can get away with when your coach's back is turned:

    avsd_x / Via

    9. When you're given too much freedom during practice:

    laughing_ballerinas / Via

    10. When you buy 30 dozen bobby pins but somehow lose them all throughout your weekly rehearsal:

    lpheart223 / Via

    11. And you consistently leave a trail of false eyelashes, hairnets, and overextended bobby pins wherever you go:

    cscharvey / Via

    12. When your performance makeup is layered on full-force:

    thedanceproject30 / Via

    13. When you have extra practices during the week to lead up to a performance so you try and catch any moment of rest that you can:

    14. And this is what you typically do when someone says "pose for a picture!"

    louisakthxbai / Via

    15. When your coach decides to really pick you apart during practice:

    16. When someone comments how easy dancing must be and you're just like:

    rachelkalyn / Via

    17. When you've gone through an eight-hour school day and two-hour practice and you're hungry AF:

    whywelovetodance / Via

    18. When you begin to smell your coach's white lies a mile away:

    19. And finally, when you've spent MONTHS working on an intense combination and you absolutely SLAY IT:

    _theartofdancing_ / Via

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