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18 Things Everyone Who Had A Job In High School Knows To Be True

Did they just send that back? Can I eat it?

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1. Forget sports or clubs — your part-time job was your extracurricular activity.

2. Your work friends and school friends were two completely different crowds of people.

3. And you were always excited when you shared a shift with your work BFF.

4. Management was never a fan of you blinging out your name tag.

5. You'd glumly look at photos of parties you had to miss because of work.

6. You were quickly able to learn the value of a dollar.

The 50% off sales rack was a godsend.

7. Your after school activity consisted of seeing how quickly you could make it to work after the final bell rang.

8. You were STOKED when customers sent food back because it meant you could snack on it.

Nothing tastes better than FREE.


9. You knew this feeling all too well.

10. Your FOMO began at your first job because everyone was always hanging out while you worked.

BUT GUYS working is also... fun?

11. When you got home, the last thing you wanted to do was homework.

So. Tired.

12. You always had a your work uniform in your locker so you could change quickly after school.

13. And you hoped no one from school would recognize you in your more embarrassing uniform.

14. You always had to shower before going to football games unless you wanted to spend the whole night smelling like grease.

15. And your school friends who'd come by never hesitated to ask for a discount.

You should give me free popcorn — no one will know!

16. Seeing signs for the chain you worked at brings up fond memories...

17. ...and maybe not so fond memories, like cleaning the fryer.

18. But despite rude customers and long shifts, you have tons of nostalgic memories of your very first job.