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18 Men Who Need To Be Banned From Writing Female Characters Forever

"[She] rolls her eyes. I think her breasts roll in synch with them. Girls' breasts are so amazing."

I'm sorry, ladies. They've done it again, not just once. They can't be stopped: MEN WHO VERY BADLY DESCRIBED FEMALES IN LITERATURE.

1. "I know the perfect hiding place. IT'S GENIUS."

2. "I haven't taken a single anatomy class in my life, but, trust me, I know how this works."

3. "I have to make sure everyone knows that I don't think soft women are powerful!!!!!!"

4. "This sounds right."

5. "What can I compare sex sounds to???" *looks over at pasta bowl* "Ah, I know."

6. "No need to second-guess this. It's definitely not problematic."

7. "What emotion would titayz have if they could have an emotion? SHUT UP, I'VE GOT IT."

8. "Any excuse to use 'jumbo popovers' in a sentence."

9. "Alexa, why do girls have periods????? WAIT, YOU KNOW WHAT? Never mind. I got this."

10. "Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

11. "This is a good way to describe her eyeballs."

12. "You know, like one of tHoSe CoLLeGe GoOrLz!"

13. "I gotta make sure my readers are aware of her nipples."

14. "God, I'm hungry."

15. "This is so brilliantly deep."

16. "But how do I describe boobiez in the most extra way possible???"

17. "A woman this beautiful can only love a man. It's science!"

18. "HMMMMM, what do women love about themselves???? OH, I KNOW...their beautiful flesh skeleton."

H/T to @men_write_women and r/menwritingwomen