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15 Drunk People Who Were Too Pure For This Good Earth

"I walked in on one of my drunk roommates reading Bible verses to my drunker, passed out roommate."

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1. The roommate who was just trying to spread the good message.

2. And the one who was determined to save the environment ONE CAN AT A TIME.

itscolie / Via

3. The one who gave an inspiring speech.

4. And the person who was just looking out for themselves in the morning.

5. The one who couldn't resist a good dad joke.

6. And this person who wanted to store his belongings in a safe space.

7. The person who really just wanted a boom boom.

8. This exceptional roommate who decided to come bearing treats.

9. And this girl who simply wanted to write her dad a reminder.

isobellesimmons / Via

10. This person who was only trying to spread the lyric love.

11. And this thoughtful roommate who decided to leave a warning to everyone in the house.

annabell12 / Via

12. This friend who was simply trying to make sure they stay hydrated.

13. And this person who was only looking forward to the future.

14. This lovely lady who wanted to make sure no mouth went unfed.

15. And finally, this blanket apology for god knows what.

caradollars / Via

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