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    If You Need Some Joy In Your Life For A Few Minutes, Here's Some Wholesome Content From This Week

    Just some really good content for the soul.

    1. This delivery driver who brings people's emptied garbage bins up to their porches as a small act of kindness:

    2. And this same delivery driver also rescued a turtle from the street and returned him home to his pond:

    3. This student's incredible at-home prom:

    Quarantine Prom!🧡Even though all my senior events were taken away my mother still made this happen for me and it was better than any prom I could’ve had💕Very thankful for my mom making it happen ❤️ #seniorprom2k20

    4. This adorable child who tucked his chicken nugget into bed and then started singing it a lullaby:

    5. This dog who casually wandered into these people's apartment looking for a friendly time:


    A random dog literally just waltzed into my house acting like he lived here. He was such a good dogooo tho🥺 ##meetmypet ##fyp ##walkingonadream ##foryou

    ♬ original sound - melissamarin673

    6. This dad who built a DIY stage for his daughter's at-home graduation:

    since we are in quarantine my sisters graduation got cancelled so my dad couldn’t see my sister walk the stage so he built her one 🥺

    7. This sister who bought her environmentalist/teacher brother an electric bike after his mountain bike was stolen:

    8. This wholesome dad who was just trying to buy some masks to stay safe:

    9. This dad who just wants to see his daughter happy:

    This Dad... being great during quarantine is the content I'm here for! 😍👍

    10. These Target employees who threw their colleagues a graduation ceremony in the store after theirs was canceled:


    C/o 2020 couldn’t get the graduation they deserve so our team did something special for our graduating team members ##target ##TheHighNote ##xyzbca ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - hailstorm0919

    11. These Starbucks baristas who knew how to bring some joy during a customer lull:


    “what do you do when there aren’t any customers around??” ##starbucks ##barista

    ♬ original sound - k.shelo

    12. This adorable man who covered Harry Styles flawlessly:

    Harry Styles has some major competition. This is probably the most wholesome thing I've seen in a while.

    13. And finally, this gentleman leading a very cute parade:

    Guy leading the most wholesome parade in existence