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21 Emotional Stages Of Waiting To Read The Next Book In A Series


1. You've finally come to the end of that gripping novel you were enjoying only to realize it's part of a series.

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2. So you go to purchase the next one only to discover it won't be released until NEXT YEAR.

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3. Even worse, it ended on a CLIFFHANGER.

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4. What could possibly fill the empty void of this unfinished story until then?

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6. You tell you friends to read the book so they can endure this sweet, sweet torture with you.

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7. Then you discuss how each and every character played with your emotions.

8. You find yourself on forums contributing your guesses on how the series will end.

9. You bring up this book in conversation until your friends are sick of it. BUT YOU CAN'T HELP IT.

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10. You mark your calendar for the sequel's release next year and thus begins the agonizing period of anticipation.

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11. You begin to move on and read other books...

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12. ...and netflix new TV shows.

13. But you'll NEVER forget the adventure *that* book took you on.

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14. Until next year rolls around and THE SEQUEL IS FINALLY YOURS.

15. Buuuuuut you sort of forgot important plot points.

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16. Like, wait, WHO was that one side character again?

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17. And how exactly did these characters end up in this location?

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18. You find yourself googling spoilers from the last book to refresh your memory.

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19. You seriously consider waiting until the whole series is out and consuming it all at once.

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20. But of course you won't. You need to know what happens NOW.

21. And once you're done reading, the cycle of waiting for the NEXT one begins again.

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