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    17 No-Bake Desserts To Make For St. Patrick's Day

    Because they're magically delicious.

    1. Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars


    Get lost in this chocolatey, minty goodness. Recipe here.

    2. St. Patrick's Day Muddy Buddies


    This lucky treat is sure to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Recipe here.

    3. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites


    Get festive with these delectable cookie dough bites. Recipe here.

    4. Coconut and Avocado Grasshopper Bars


    Whip up this healthier (and vegan!) dessert bar alternative. Recipe here.

    5. No-Bake Lime Cheesecake


    Easy, dreamy, and delicious. Recipe here.

    6. Chocolate Dipped Mint Oreos


    The only way you can make an Oreo better is with more chocolate. Recipe here.

    7. Thin Mint Cookie Truffles


    Give these richly decadent balls of goodness a try. Recipe here.

    8. Copycat Shamrock Shake


    Sip on this homemade festive shake. Recipe here.

    9. St. Patrick's Day Mini Cake-In-A-Jar


    It's like an edible pot of gold. (No-bake version: use store bought brownie bites) Recipe here.

    10. 4 Ingredient Shamrock Shake Fudge


    The bite-sized version of everyone's favorite St. Patrick's Day shake. Recipe here.

    11. Leprechaun Samoa Pops


    Because anything with Girl Scout cookies is a must have. Recipe here.

    12. Mini Mint Cheesecakes


    Bonus points for the lucky four leaf clover arrangement. Recipe here.

    13. Carmel Rice Krispy Treats


    For all the carmel lovers. Recipe here.

    14. Leprechaun Hat S'mores


    These might just be too adorable to eat. Recipe here.

    15. No-Bake Choco Crossies


    Devour these chocolatey bite-sized bits. Recipe here.

    16. Green Jello Surprise Shamrocks


    The most delicious clovers you'll ever try. Recipe here.

    17. St. Patrick's Day White Chocolate Bark


    Super easy and super festive. Recipe here.

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