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    16 Magical Gifts All Unicorn Lovers Will Appreciate

    Nothing short of enchanting.

    1. This perfect unicorn ring:

    2. This marvelous t-shirt:

    3. These majestic unicorn poop lip balms:

    4. These adorable earrings:

    5. This fabulous onesie:

    6. This practical salt shaker set:

    7. This charming coffee cup:

    8. This inflatable unicorn horn for cats:

    9. These fantastical flats

    10. This trendy necklace:

    11. This super cute pin:

    12. This wondrous hand puppet:

    13. These magical chopsticks:

    14. This entertaining wine bottle opener:

    15. This fantastic desk lamp:

    16. And finally, this spectacular wine holder: