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12 Fabulous Gifts All "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Fans Will Appreciate

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1. This classy mason jar tumbler:

Etsy, $12

2. This hand-stamped necklace:

Etsy, $25

3. This fierce pencil set:

Living in LaLaLand, £4

4. This amazing T-shirt:

Etsy, $24.99

5. This adorable button:

Etsy, $1.50+

6. This encouraging print:

Etsy, $8

7. This fabulous mug:

Etsy, $16.00

8. This spectacular baseball tee:

Look Human, $30

9. This brilliant Titus candle:

Etsy, $9.99

10. This perfect wall art:

Etsy, $5.00

11. These incredible leggings:

Redbubble, $49.00

12. And finally, this lovely inspirational throw pillow:

Redbubble, $19.84

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