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12 GIFs Of Michel From Gilmore Girls That Accurately Describe Going Back To Work After The Holidays

Because people are particularly stupid most days.

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1. When your annoying coworker wants to tell you all about their holiday vacation.

2. When people are trying to interact with you before you've had coffee.

3. When you're forced to give your opinion in early morning meetings.

4. When your boss keeps pestering you.

5. When your manager makes you sit through a two hour meeting and doesn't provide lunch.

6. When you reach the point of complete and utter honesty.

7. And by 2 pm you feel like this.

8. When you get sick of making small talk.

9. "Only 20 more weeks until the next 3 day weekend!"

10. New year, new office drama.

11. When you're forced to partipate in team building activities.

12. And finally, your feelings on doing it all over again the next day.

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