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Paid PostSep 1, 2017

11 Things You’ll Recognize If You’ve Ever Hosted A Teenage Sleepover

One thing's for sure: It's gonna be a long night. Ditch the guilt and give your kids what they want — plenty of delicious food, fast, with Farm Rich!

1. Before the guests come over, you clean up the house real nice and make your kid clean their room...

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The place looks great!

2. ...only to end up with the house in shambles by the next morning.

NBC / Via

The sheer amount of used cups left around is dizzying.

3. In general, you don't really know the ins and outs of what's happening in your kid's social life...

NBC / Via

Sure, you know what they tell you, but you'd love more info.

4. ...and you may or may not keep refilling the snack plates as a way to listen in just a little.

NBC / Citytv / Via

Time to get that gossip!

5. Once everyone's safely watching a movie, you think you can relax and enjoy your evening...

CBS, TV Land / Via

Ahhh, peace.

6. ...but those teens are LOUD.

Revolution Studios / Via

What are they even doing that's making them all scream in unison every five seconds?

7. Even though you provide tons and tons of snacks, you're still woken up at 2 a.m. by the beeping of the microwave.

Lifetime / Via

Because the hunger of a teenager knows no bounds.

8. When morning finally arrives, they're all RAVENOUS...


Even if you thought you were prepared, you're always shocked by how much they eat.

9. ...and they all have certain foods they like and don't like for breakfast, so there's a lot of organization involved.

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10. Once everyone's finally gone home, you're left with your own tired, grumpy teen who didn't get nearly enough sleep.

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And honestly, same.

11. But at the end of the day, it was well worth the joy of watching your kid have fun with their friends. Plus let's be real: You know you nailed it.

FOX / Via

Sleepover success achieved.

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