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11 Kids Give Their Honest Reviews Of Dinner

Because you can always count on kids to be brutally honest!

1. "This mac 'n' cheese tastes a lot like broccoli."

2. "It's awesome, Mom, but why does it taste like a tire?"

3. "Why? Whhhhhyyyyyy?"

4. "I love chicken, but this tastes too...chicken-y."

5. "It tastes like cardboard with tomato sauce."

6. “I like the corn. The other vegetables don't stand out to me very much."

7. "Meat loaf again??"

8. "I don't want to have to taste that again when I vomit it up."

9. "There's no way I'm gonna like this."

10. "I don't eat fish anymore because they swim around in their own poop."

11. "If I dunk this chicken in ranch it tastes a lot better."

Illustrations by Chesney Lattuga / © BuzzFeed 2017

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