The 15 Dumbest Ways People Get Hacked

Don’t be stupid! Protect yourself on the internet. Visit Farmers Insurance for more tips on staying smart in a world full of dummies and hackers.

1. You’ve been visiting some illicit websites that have been secretly stealing your info.

2. You download things you probably shouldn’t download.

Why would you download VirusHack.exe?

3. You think Twitter is Google.

Norman N.


why cant i tickle myself?

Norman N.



Norman N.


cold toes

is the weatherman considered an actor?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch)

Norman N.


is the weatherman considered an actor?

4. Your password is something super obvious.

Farmers Insurance

5. You picked a normal word from the dictionary as your password.

Make sure to add numbers, different cases, and symbols to make your password super secure.

6. You use the same password for everything. EVERYTHING.

If someone hacks into one account… they have ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS.

7. You’ve used the same username and password since you were 12.

Change your password often, my friend!

8. You wrote your password on the back of your computer.

If you’re going to write it down, please don’t label it “password” either.

9. You fall for traps like this.

cwilson66 / Via

10. You share way too much about your life.

11. You are easily fooled by statuses like this.


12. You’re always excited to click on links from your friends so you don’t miss out on news and gossip.


13. You forget to log off important websites on public computers.

14. You’re way too trusting in online chat rooms.

15. So trusting that you give away all of your personal information.

Don’t be a dummy. Stay smart with Farmers Insurance.

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