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    • farihaa

      If she had just entered to be shown around or to take tourist type pictures, I doubt anyone would have minded. The problem are: First, she’s a highly publicized figure and attracts a lot of attention. She showed up unannounced and probably had the entire mosque in a buzz. Next, she’s posing in a Muslim house of worship where all rules of modesty and decorum are strictly adhered to by all attendees. A mosque (much like a church or synagogue) is not the place to be doing a photo shoot. Its a place to pray and connect with your God and mosques are devoted to keeping that culture alive within its walls.  Now, I doubt she was actively trying to be disrespectful. She even covered up out of respect. But certain things even if you’re completely covered are not acceptable to the mosque. Its a completely different mindset and what may have been harmless to her comes across as provocative to the mosque. What may seem modest to her comes across as ill mannered to the mosque. She probably didn’t even realize or think she was doing anything wrong.  Whoever coordinated this for her should have been smarter.

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