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    10 Fun Aspects Of Knitting

    A man named Tsuyoshi Ito once said that: "No matter how advanced technology becomes, there will always be someone who wants to learn how to knit." Well, this not only turms out to be true, but it also results in some pretty hilarious situations and a strange choice of knitting spots.

    Knitting Out and About

    Cause knitting at home is just too mainstream! #YOLO

    Knitting in the Office

    You may think that knitting in the office can bring for some relaxation, but keep in mind that if your boss catches you, you will have more problems than that dropped stich!

    Knitting During a Sports Event

    Cause life is just too short, you know!

    Well, You Are Not The Only One, Lady!

    The Ultimate Knitter

    I didn't choose the knit life, the knit life chose me!

    F*#@k This Traffic - I'm Knittin'!


    Hell, Yeah!

    And Men Who Knit Just Became A Lot Sexier!

    Tom Hardy!

    Changing the World One Stich At a Time


    If you thought that knitters were some boring grandmothers who knit in their swinging chairs, I think these ladies occupying Wall Street will change your mind!

    If I'm sitting, I'm knitting!

    Knitting in the bathtub - cause if I can't do it, it can't be done!

    Those Knitting Patterns!

    Tell me about it!

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