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14 Stages Of Moving To SoCal: Explained With Puppies

Although it's a little *ruff* at first, eventually you find a way :)

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1. At first you feel excited and ready to go get 'em / Via

Yeah you're a little scared, but you're ready to pounce!

2. Until you have to say goodbye to all of your friends and family. / Via

Don't worry, breaking down and crying is totally acceptable.

3. So you plan a Last Hoorah / Via

Since this will probably be the last time you see them for a while.

4. Finally, the day comes when you have to get on that plane / Via

With everything that you can carry in tow.

5. After much confusion, you find your way out of the airport / Via

How do I get to baggage claim?

6. Before you know it, you land your first adult job

This my Monday face / Via

This my Monday face

7. And have to start paying your first adult bills / Via

My first paycheck!..... annnnddd it's gone

8. You spend your birthday alone for the first time

9. So you get on Facebook and stalk all of your friends / Via

I miss you all!

10. Eventually things start looking up

11. You navigate your first REAL SoCal traffic jam successfully

12. You make new friends at work / Via

But you don't forget about your besties

13. And you realize that you're stronger than you thought

14. Before you know it you're a cool SoCal pup

Sup bitches? / Via

Sup bitches?

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