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The First Videos From Instagram's Amazing New App Are Already Here

Internet Here is Your Next Big Thing. Hyperlapse!

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Let's start with an office tour.

New York City is always a first!

And no App is valid until it's been tested on pets...

...and let's do not forget babies...

...and kids. We present you the Hyperlapse super-dad!

Please don't forget to self-clean. Cat's of course!

And always catch a yoga-break.

While you daydream you're in San Francisco.

...until you land into exotic places...

...and take the train to an unknown destination!

OK, OK back to reality now, New York City.

And more cats... This is a good one!

How about a street fight? It definitely gets one of the first awards!

Internet, Hyperlapse is here and looks really good. Get ready!
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