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9 Reasons Why Fanis Should Be Part Of BuzzFeed!

Trying to convince the BuzzFeed team...the BuzzFeed way...!

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9. Fanis was born and raised in Crete, the island with the highest life expectancy. Eventually YOU WILL FIND HIM YOUR WAY.

8. He has a Siamese Twin, but Thank God they were separated at birth.

7. Has created several #1 sites. One even surpassed TWITTER. How many people do you know who can accomplish that?

6. Do I need to mention a Live Investigation TV Show that a whole country was talking about?

5. Oh, Oh and almost forgot, an award from the United Nations, beat that!

4. Here is something you didn't know! Oxford Dictionary is about to include FANIS (OMG Is this really happening!?) as the new term for "risk-taking"! See bellow the loft he left behind to move to NYC. Click to cry with him.

3. And, um, in just last month he became viral., PSFK, CBC, TrendHunter made him an online sensation. Seriously, you are still thinking about it?

2. BuzzFeed team, here is all you should pay attention to. He is the proud owner of the cutest dog ever existed!

1. And if all the previous 8 didn't convince you, just listen to what President Obama has to say! WOWWWW

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