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MOVIE SIGN: The Riffers Of MST3k Are Returning To Your TV

It's really happening, MSTies. Our heroes from the Satellite of Love are coming to National Geographic in April!

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It's not an April Fool's trick: the crew of MST3k will return on Tuesday, April 1st. / Via

One of the greatest cult shows of the 1990s, Mystery Science Theater 3000, starred Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) in its last incarnation.

Today the three continue their riffing of B-movies, classics, blockbusters, and shorts at

But this April Fool's Day, Mike, Bill, and Kevin will return to our televisions for the first time since 1999! / Via

The National Geographic channel will feature the riffers on a new special, Total Riff Off.

According to TODAY, "they'll be cracking wise over three different one-hour episodes featuring classic clips from National Geographic shows, all in the wittiest-guys-in-the-room format that their fans know well."

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