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15 Times The Beatles Were Funnier Than You

Songwriting, musical innovation, comedy; the Fab Four were geniuses at everything.

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1. The time John stated the obvious & broke the fourth wall like a character on The Office.

2. The time they showed Paul the proper respect.

3. The time they showed off their dance moves.

4. The time John realized he was being watched.

5. The time only Ringo saw that George didn't give an eff.

6. The time Paul kept his ego in check.

7. The time Ringo smiled with his eyes.

8. The time John trolled Paul.

9. Again.

10. And again.

11. And again.

12. The time George tried to look cool and failed.

13. The time Ringo was as inconspicuous as possible.

14. The time George totally made sweet love to the camera.

15. The time Paul proved he's the cute Beatle no matter what he does.

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