14 Celebrity Couples Of The 2000s That Time Forgot

Move over, Bennifer. These were the real iconic couples of the early 21st century. And by iconic, we mean confusing.

1. J.C. Chasez and Tara Reid, 2002

We use “I can’t” a lot on the Internet, but I literally can’t with these outfits.

2. Heath Ledger and Heather Graham, 2001

We still miss you, Heath.

3. Jared Leto and Cameron Diaz, circa 2003

More surprised at that hat, tbh.

4. Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian, 2006

RIP Kim’s old face.

5. Chris Evans and Jessica Biel, 2001

Cap looks like every white boy we went to high school with.

6. January Jones and Josh Groban, 2005

Between that tie, that belt, and that unwashed hair of his, this whole photo is a mess.

7. Steve Martin and Helena Bonham Carter, 2001

How is this the weirdest thing either of them have ever done?

8. Zoe Kravitz and Ben Foster, 2008


9. Geri Halliwell and Jerry O’Connell, 2003

We wouldn’t even have had to come up with a stupid pun for their couple name.

10. Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Love Hewitt, 2001

Is Patrick Wilson aging backwards like Benjamin Button?

11. Rebecca De Mornay and Harry Dean Stanton, 2003


12. Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett, 2006

Wait, how did he nab her in 2006? He stopped being relevant in 2003!

13. Owen Wilson and Sheryl Crow, 2000

Can’t take my eyes off that pit stain.

14. Selma Blair and Jason Schwartzman, 2000

And they look thrilled to be there.

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