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12 Signs You're Deadpool

You can wish you were Peter Parker or Carol Danvers all you want. You're the Merc With a Mouth.

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1. More often than not, you're thinking about Batman.

2. When you're not thinking about Batman, you're thinking about food.

3. Your flirting is top-notch.

4. You have your issues but you're working through them.

5. You appreciate highbrow humor.

6. You have high standards when it comes to your love life.

7. You spend way too much time on THAT side of the Internet.

8. No matter your sexual orientation, you're always attracted to Thor.

9. You're HILARIOUS.

10. You respect people's privacy.

11. You're enthusiastic about life.

12. Finally, you're steadfastly loyal and a hero to the people you love.

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